Sunday, February 06, 2011

2011 is now set and The Secret..

Saturday I was chosen in the lottery for the Wasatch 100 mile run on Sept 9, 2011.!!! I have basically been waiting since Dec when I entered for Saturday Feb 6th to roll out.

I had been bouncing all over the map with races and trying to schedule them with all kinds of different scenarios but now it's set and I can get to work on the year of training and having fun ahead.

With the unlucky play out at HURT2011 I have felt I just really missed out on a lot of things relating to a 100 mile distance and mostly with my training all ready to go but no reward it left me searching for something quickly within reason. Rocky Raccoon 100 was this weekend but again within reason and not having to cash out $$$ so quickly after a fabulous Hawaii vacation/trip so that was pretty much out. Then there is Rocky Road out in Cali the end of February but again just $$$ to get there and do it (I will be looking to head out there and pace Molly so that will be fun but that is just a down and back trip so no hotels etc.) After those the next closet 100 to me is right here in my own back year and newly added Ultra distance, the Labor of Love 100 by Calicoracing.

Now originally I started at the 50k but since then and conspiring with BIG B aka Sweet Baboo I have some good direction and will give it a go come April 9th. This is all a road course, 11 mile out and back section, 4 1/2 times, in Lovell Canyon about 30 miles from my house. Yes, the 4 1/2 times is Definitely not appealing, nor is the all road portion but the location of this being here just saves it and not only that I have a credit on the entry fee I can apply to this race as I volunteered last year at one of Calico's other events and you receive entry credit to any future race they put out. Family, Local, Cost, and 100 miles it's a go time waiting to happen and who knows, this guy may even toe the line at the 100 mile start.

Then next up will be Wasatch 100, Sept 9th starting North of Salt Lake City, UT. This is an all trail race and a point to point event, which is awesome. Big B will also be towing the line as he got selected as well along with Catra aka Dirt Diva, her BF Andy, and good friend George V. so plenty of peeps to know along the way but a difficult trail event.

Then on the schedule will be Javalina 100 Nov. 12th in Fountain Hills, AZ. I did the 100k last year but this year will be 100 mile.

And to hopefully conclude the year or start of the next year will be HURT2012! I will apply again this year in July and hopefully add the return and some ass whooping to that course next year.

This year will also bring about the Jemez 50k with the Big B and GeekGirl in May, Running with the Devil in late June and crewing for Badwater in July with hopefully Catra, as long as she gets selected.

So the golden plan is set and it's off to the races. Maybe some of you are asking why so many 100's this year? Why such a hurry? That's a lot of 100... well the truth is, it's to qualify for Badwater and be able to enter for 2012 if all goes well this year!!! There I said it!!! My secret is out! Of course I have to stay healthy and I have to complete this 100's! which is just a feat/goal in itself as anything can and will go wrong in those distances.



Formulaic said...

Run with the Devil?

Then Badwater crew?

You are gonna be heat proof!

Kristin said...

100 miles, wow. That is impressive!

Josh said...

great job lining up the races! and i love to hear the BW goal!

S. Baboo said...

Great schedule! Interesting to see Form considering LOL. Badwater! I think that is one race I'll not do. That heat would just wreck me.

GoDoreen said...

Congrats John!!!!! How great is this!! and congrats on level II. My guy moved to Aspen :(

Can't wait to continue to follow your adventures!