Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Birthday week Plus some..!

The past two weeks have been super packed with work and learning. Last week I went down to Tempe, AZ for the continuation of learning and certification for Fascial Stretch Therapy Level II. I got Level I certified last year and since then incorporating stretch therapy into my Chiropractic business has really brought great results to clients/patients. Not only that but the stretch part of the business has taken a life of its own and I really enjoy working with clients and seeing immediate results and I love the way it makes everyone feel completely different each time! With Level II stuff it even takes the client to new levels quicker, I love it! So after 5 days of being stretched myself and a day where I was able to run 13 miles in a new PR time for me of 2:20, I was feeling great. By the end of the weekend I was ready to be back home with my family and gf, not only that but it was my birthday on Sunday and the Big 40 seem to come and go with a bang! It was great to celebrate at the Stretch To Win certification and also share the day with co-founder, Chris Ferderick.

Back at home with family this week was nice to settle back in to the life routine but the work routine was completely busy! I am not complaining at all btw. Since I was gone from Tuesday - Sunday, I had a busy make up week which was great because I was also able to put all the new Level II immediately to work! I seemed to be a little more tired than normal so I didn't get any runs or training in, BOO! Saturday was coaching for TNT Spring/Summers teams and although it was raining and cold out we had a great turn out and they got there training completed. Then yesterday was Dez's birthday! so it was great to spend the day with her and a great bday dinner with a fund raiser that co-worker of hers was doing for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer. It was a great turn out and I drank too much Saki! The other thing is its great to share the same birthday week with Dez and we both turned 40!

Now here is an interesting experience I did this week. I went to UNLV to participate in a study for a new body fat caliper that is being tested. The test was free and took about an hour and also included, Body Pod , Bio-impedance testing, and water dunk tank. They supply the results from the Body Pod and body fat % from the dunk tank immediately. The comparisons with the testing body fat calipers are not revealed because it is all "testing" procedures which was fine with me because the Body Pod and tank supply great information. My body fat percentage, well.. I was certainly not happy with it! but it is what it is and only shows me I need to reduce it. I was happy with my overall weight but when you add in the amount of body fat, I am again, not happy with it. I personally like doing tests like these because it instills that drive for me to change it which I will over the next 12 weeks!

Also this week the selection for the 2011 Badwater 135 Ultramarathon was revealed and athletes were selected. Catra, aka Dirt Diva was selected and she has asked me to be a part of her crew!! so excited that I am going back for a 3rd year crewing at Badwater!



S. Baboo said...

Happy B-day to both you and Dez. I can't believe you guys are 40! You both really look great. Must be clean living.

I've never had my BF tested with something as accurate as a dunk tank but I have a Tanita scale that tells me within about 3 to 4 percent...I know that's a big diff but after a while you get a sense of about where you are at.
Since you said you were going to apply to Badwater I can't stop thinking about it damnit. I keep seeing that buckle in my mind.

Josh said...

Happy last birthday! You're gonna have a blast at BW again!