Monday, May 30, 2011

End of May.

With the end of May you would think I have run more than I actually have but I actually only ran 50 miles the whole month and most of that was in the Jemez race! Not very good but a good recovery I would say now that its been over a month since LOL100 and since then I have been back in the gym hitting the weights and some cardio sessions not only for the recovery processes but also to try and drop some body fat/weight, I am also working on my nutrition and looking to stay consistent without junk food and so far things are going well. (of course this weekend being Memorial Day I was a little too far off the path and enjoying it more than I should) but that is all over with tomorrow and it's back to the Grid Iron!

Up next besides the great training up for Wasatch100 in September will be crewing for Badwater in July. I was initially crewing for Catra but she has had to drop due to a few reasons and since then I agreed to help another lady from Australia but after even more consideration and being asked by local runner, Connie, to help crew for her I decided to switch as Pam from Australia had plenty of help and family and I knew she would be okay without me. I am looking forward to helping Connie and working her few peeps out there for the race and then I will have to leave after her official completion of the race and she will start back on double crossing of Badwater, which means she will run Badwater official race, then turn around and run from the finish back to the start all on her own! Unfortunately, I will not be able to help crew the return portion of this amazing trek as I have to get back to the office and not be away more than necessary.

The month of June will bring an increase in my training schedule and working on climbing aspects! I reviewed all the course profiles and there is some serious work to be done before Sept!


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Josh said...

glad you got hooked up with a great situation for BW! And congrats on toughing it out at Jemez. Sounds like a sick - but amazing - race. I'll definitely add it to my list.