Thursday, May 12, 2011

a lost log and training.

Already May and barely getting in a post this month. Not that I have not been doing anything like this guy but time is just flying. Since LOL100, recovery has been good and all have worked out fine. In coaching with Team in Training, two weeks ago was event weekend for the Spring season and off I went to Vancouver, BC with the team. It was a great fun filled packed 4 days. The team all completed there half/full marathons and with much excitement for me as the coach and I was glad to be back in Vegas to rest and recover. I ended up running about 19 miles that day all over the course and with my team at various points and all felt good.

Last weekend was Race for the Cure 5k and being as Dez and her friends all had a team this year I had to partake and support her. I ended up running 7 miles that day being as I parked at the Stratosphere hotel and ran to downtown start, then the 5k, then back to the hotel. It was good day but a warm day that I was not expecting. Then the next day I was up at Bristle Cone trail, still lots of snow on the path and not able to make a full loop, so its an out/back type run and only completed another 7 miles.

Even though the running has been decreased in volume I am not complaining as I have simply ramped up some weight training and elliptical training at the gym. Its good to be back under the Iron and always good for the body. I am looking to drop a few pounds with the different training block and looking to complete the Jemez 50k next weekend and then get back to building the run volume.

One of the downsides that occurred in the last couple of weeks was the training log I used crashed and all the data was lost. The host server is located in Ohio and there were some serious storms a couple weeks back and it got hit/flooded and all my logged info for the past 2-3 years was lost. Sucks! Now I do have all my data from my Garmin but its just not the same as being logged on the Buckeye log I used. So now I am trying out different logs. I was looking at the log and of course trainingpeaks log but these days TP seems to be much more complex and confusing. I also have beginner triathlete log so that may be the one to use.

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