Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fitness Challenge - Vegas, Who's in?

This week has been a totally recovery week, not that I did a lot of miles at RDL but the heat really took it out of me and it took several days to really feel "normal". During this time I have been looking at my training schedule leading up to Javalina100 and wanted to incorporate some other fitness training and along with my office get some people interested in joining me to get in shape. I figured why not, I'm already working out so let's see if anyone in the community wants to come along. 

Announcing the Hurt Less Play More - Fitness Challenge! 
I will be teaming up with Jill Birth, 2011 IsaBody Grand Champion who won $120,000 in doing so. check out Jill's Way and see her story. Jill released 131 lbs and went from dress size 22 to 4! It didn't happen overnight, it took 8 months and she achieved her goals and changed her life forever! 
The challenge will be starting in October and will include fitness routines during the week and sessions to work out with me personally. Jill will also attended as scheduled and assist in weekly team calls for questions/answers as well as assist in nutritional counseling to educate the team on daily meals to prepare/cook and to incorporate Isagenix nutrition. 
80% of all fitness and health gains are nutritionally with 20% being the physical aspect so its very important in this challenge to educate the team on changing there lifestyle habits. 
Various workout routines will be held at different locations in the city of Las Vegas and will be using various exercises to train, example: running/jogging/walking, TRX, circuit routines, jump ropes, kettle bells, swimming, biking, weight training. A variety of things to keep it fresh and have fun!

I am excited to offer this to the community of Las Vegas and help people change there lives and improve there health! 
I've always helped people in my live/career and now this is a huge way to help! I am so excited!

If you live in Vegas and are interested in joining, email me at for more details.


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