Wednesday, September 07, 2011

race to Rio Del Lago 100

This weekend, in 3 days, I will be running the Rio Del Lago 100 put on by Desert Sky Adventures and with the expected temperatures to be in the low 90's I have my work cut out for me.

This race came about as a change from Wasatch 100, which I am a little bummed in not heading to but with my little issue I have been dealing with in the glute/hamstring area I was not feeling confident in my hiking pace and climbing power as it was aggravated by any uphill climbs, so while I was in India I had made a decision to change races and stick with something a little more flat but now I also have HEAT to deal with and that is something I am not looking forward to.

I mean for Badwater I prepare with sauna training and hey, come on! its BADWATER!  but I have not had that much heat training or run training heading into RDL so it will be quite interesting on how this goes down. I am confident I can get to the end it will just be a matter of how I get there. I will also be using a lot of Isagenix nutrition products, such as shakes, bars, and of course Product B! so I am excited to try out some new things during this run, you know me, forget trying it in training, slap it down on the race! haha! totally not the way to do it but again I feel confident in Isagenix and myself so I am not worried.

I am also happy to report that Dez will be crewing me along the way and she is quite familiar with Isagenix and all that I will be needing during the run.

I will look to get another post up before I head to RDL up in Granite Bay, CA. area so stay tuned!! also I will have cell phone service on the course so check out my facebook for updates.

If you're not familiar with Isagenix products or heard of Telomere support you soon will as Product B will become known. Check out for information.



Formulaic said...

Rock'on baby!

You have a nice comfortable base. I know that you have the mental fortitude to knock this baby out.

Good luck and try not to facebook the whole time, I mean it IS a race!

Josh said...

have a great race out there tomorrow! looking forward to reading all about it.