Thursday, October 11, 2007

some training and stuff..

There are times when change is needed. Why? Who the hell really knows but it's needed. Changes are happenin` with JT and will update those later on....but for now it's still training time.

After Sunday's ride I rested Monday and finally got a run on Tuesday morning of about 5 miles using a negative split run for each mile! It was great!

Then today, I pedaled out 10 miles in 30 mins to get the legs crankn` Overall, I feel good on the bike and will get another 2 Hill rides in before next week's Canyon Lake race. After the ride today, I dropped Dino off to be cleaned, soaked and tuned up!! So will get it back Saturday!

As for my Swim, that's a whole other story.. simply S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G! Like the Bigun these days!!! but fear not blog warriors, tomorrow is OWS day and will be swimming the full 1500 meter distance! Then I will probably have 1 maybe 2 more swims before race day.

and thanks to a cool front the morning temps as well as day temps are much better, whew, I mean it is October!



Tea said...

Two mentions of Bigun in one day. Geesh, it's going to go to his head.

CoachLiz said...


Change must happen for one to move forward. Striving for a goal requires changing patterns of behavior to achieve what at one time would have been impossible.

"That, that don't kill me, can only make me stronger..." Kanye West

Lance Notstrong said...

Yeah, it's nice that it's finally starting to feel like Fall around here.