Sunday, October 07, 2007

Birthday Liz and week recap.

First off I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LIZ! She is a great gal, friend and training partner. She is training for Clearwater, Fl, yup, she's going! Check her out.

So it has turned out to be a good recovery/training week as Canyon Lake Olympic draws closer.

First off I took off Monday as recovery from Cinco Ranch and just did the usual track night with TNT, no running tho.

Then Tuesday it was an easy run but didn't feel so easy as I streeetched it out some with a 7.25 miles. It was a little hot so this made it a little hard but got it done.

Wednesday was a nice little ride with Liz for about 30 miles and if you jump over and read her blog, don't even fall into that BS that she had to slow down and wait for me on several occasions, come on`..JT.. here! I just didn't want to lead.

Then Thursday was another hard ass run cause it was like 96* and just plain HOT! I ended up running about 6 miles but in those 6 I run some Hills, Fatleks, Intervals and just slow stuff with walking.

Then Friday Liz and I went out to twin lakes for some OWS and Geoff was supposed to met us there but got in late from out of town so we ended up getting 930 meters and I was able to use my wetsuit, although, it was freakn` hot, it was not as bad as it was the first time I tried it. So my 930 m swim was in 23 mins which is not bad but still a little slow.

Then Saturday it was so fukn Humid it was pathetic! but that didn't stop us from getting in 6.5 miles in before the running group. It was nice to be done with it as then I got coffee, went to my assigned water station, crankd` up da tunes and waited for the runners. And now for the epic day, Sunday. Today, was a nice little 56 mile bike ride out in Montgomery, which, I had planned on only doing 45ish but at my turn around point, Liz called me to ask where I was, Yes, I was ahead of her. So I said I would wait up and the ride a little more to the next little town where we were gonna meet up with the fast dudes, Geoff and Ryan. So when we got to the town those Bozo's had left and now I was at 30 miles so instead of doing out and back we just rode the loop. Once back at the car it was a quick change for a short brick to get the legs working and just at a mile we were done. One thing I noticed was that coming off the bike to run has not really bothered me and the legs seem to start working pretty fast and respond well. Other thing about today's ride was that I was pretty much all Zone 1 and Zone 2 which is totally awesome and if you are a quick thinker, Bigun, then based on that you will have known that I was bullshitting about waiting up for Liz as it was totally the other way around. OK, OK, I will say it, she is faster than me, period. But she cannot burn more Calories than me at the same distances and that drives her bonkers!

So the week has turned out to be a good training week with some not so pleasant temperatures to train in but hey, this is Houston! This week should continue on a nice build week as next week will taper it down some for Canyon Lake.

Other than that just TCB (taken care of business)



Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Oh - I do NOT miss the Houston Humidity -at all. That is a great workout week especially in that weather. Brutal

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I can't believe you all do anything in that type of heat and humidity. Awesome job!! ;-)

Tea said...

You are a maniac. I just don't know how you manage. I guess you're used to it, but I think I'd be curled up next to the air conditioner eating ben and jerry's.

Jane said...

Hey, just wondering if you're going to do the Lonestar Half next year. It's usually late March/early April in Galveston and would be good prep for IM. It's weird to have to plan your whole year ahead of time. I think mine is only about 3 weeks after yours.

Allez said...

The temps are royally sucking up here too!

1HappyAthlete said...

Sounds like a good, solid week of training! Keep it up!!