Thursday, December 06, 2007

Welcome to Miami...

that's right.. JT is in Miami, Big Willy Style.. about 2 hours from da Bigun himself..

Just down till next Friday for some work and to get some runs along the Beach!! YA!!

Funny, yesterday they had a "cold" front move in.. temperature was 60* ..haha.. NICE !!

not much to say other than I miss Vegas and a regular training routine.. and HFS! LA Marathon is in 11 weeks.. I gotta get with it.. and hey wait, IMCdA is getting closer.. shit.. It just doesn't seem like I have enough time..but I'll geter` done and still lay da smack down on that course.



Jane said...

Las Vegas, Miami, LA - have you turned into a jet-setter?

Allez said...

You're all over the place!

Molly said...

Welcome to Miami where they Hustle hey
And they ride duce tres like everyday
Palm trees blue skies ganstas and goons
Where parties dont stop till the next afternoon

Take Care!

Bigun said...

you be 4.5hrs from the Bigun! get out there and RUN!

S. Baboo said...

Oooh, 60 degrees...brrr! ;-)