Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm still here..

The week back from Miami has found JT, getting back into the groove. It was hard the first couple of days being on Eastern time in Pacific Zone but I managed to get it down and then it was getting used to just waking up at 5am which btw has now been programmed as today, I was wide awake at 5:10am even after going to bed at 11:45pm.

Training this week as been much better than anything in the last 3 weeks. I was able to complete 1 mile time trial run @ 8:26, tempo run, long run 13 mi (today) 2 swims and 1 bike. This coming week with being off Christmas Eve and Day I will be able to get some good training in as well as next week I am off New Years Eve/Day as well. Overall I have revamped my nutrition with totally cleaning up, going very lean. I am on a plan to get to 200 lbs by Jan. 10th. at currently weighed in today at 205 lbs. so should be close but doable!

Now below is some pictures from my last bike ride out at Red Rock Canyon, nice huh! A little cold though as it will be today on my run at a nice 43*.

In other news, Johnny got is Murano back and looking all new and shit but it does make this nice clickin noise now and I know it will never be the same since I did a smash job on it but hey it beats the PT cruiser any day.

And on a last note: Anyone ever liked someone and they didn't you liked them? Seems the situation I am in these days but well talk more about that later...



S. Baboo said...

Nice pics, reminds me of Silverman.

Bigun said...

you want me to pass her a note in Gym class, big guy?

Dying Water Buffalo said...

wow gorgeous pics. i wish i could train with some of those views. regarding the love life, i think you have to clarify some details or expound a bit so that i may offer some thoughts :)

momo said...

hey, johnnyt! have a merry christmas, my friend.

can't offer any advice on the love life except to say - just go for it. :-)

CoachLiz said...


I think she may know by now! You have scored major points and you are on this gal's good side.

You rock man!