Friday, November 14, 2008

You have to work for things.

With the week ending or Friday at least, I have been able to get a few things.

First, I ran 2x this week! What? JT running or training for a marathon. My first run was on Tuesday and it was 4.5 miles, it felt good although I am super slow these days but I got it done.

On Wednesday, I was busy at work and just wanted to get out and run again so I grabbed my fuel belt and headed to the beach path and started running. Next thing I knew I was at 3 miles out, oh Crap! that meant 3 miles back, wait a minute, that's freakn' 6 miles today! Well no sense crying about it at mile 3 b/c the only way back to the car is to walk or run. By mile 5 I was tired and probably not really covered from the 4.5 I did the day before. I was actually thinking I really should not have come that far but you know what it was really good that I did. It brought back memories and reminded me of how you have to work for things out here. How you have to be mentally tough and want it! How you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And this is exactly where I was, uncomfortable. I dug into that mental place in my mind and told myself it was ok, to just keep running even though my quads were sore and hurting from being out of shape. The sooner you get back to the car the sooner you get to rest so I kept running. It was a great run and I am glad I got it done.

Yesterday, I got home and mounted up the bike and off I went. I wanted to ride on the bike beach path farther than I had run on it to really see where it went. Luckily, there was another rider in front of me and I followed them for about 8 miles and then they peeled off. I finally got to a point where I was on this board walk and you had to walk your bike so I turned around and headed back which was about time as it was getting dark. On the way back I caught the Sun going down into the ocean and let me tell you, that is really something to see. I wondered why so many people pull up along the road and sit on the beach to watch the sun set and unless you are there in person, pictures just don't do it justice. It's amazing to see! After it was just about down I headed back and ended up with a 20 mile ride. It felt good to be out there once again.

Today, my quads are still sore and my neck is sore but all is good and I am feeling good that I have not let the week slip away.

Have a great weekend!!!



Kona Shelley said...'ll be just fine for that Ironman, you are all ready figuring "it" out..:-)

Steven said...

Way to be getting the mojo back!