Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tic Tok..

As you can see by the count down on the right to IMCZ, today is 368 days but in JT reality it's 365 days from today that packing and leaving begins, most likely tomorrow (364 days) puts the real spin on the Ironman once again.

After seeing the IMAZ peeps rock it out, it only brings back memories that are still fresh on when I was 365 days out from CdA and the truth is it will go by so fast and be here before you and I both know it.

So instead of "its all down hill from here" my reality is "it's all UP HILL from here" for the next few months!



Eric said...

Wow, 368 days out and you already got the ticker up. You're committed man!!!

Borsch said...

I hope you have your climbing wheel set on...time for hills!

Stef said...

Is Cozumel a hilly course? I did not realize I assumed it was flat. And hot.

Keep the big picture in mind JT you will do great! And you have that invaluable experience from C'DA to draw on. You will be awesome, you know what to expect you know how to do the work you know parts of it will suck and parts will be great and you know what's it's like to cross that finish line.

All of that said Cozumel will have it's own unique awesomeness that you have yet to discover. I am very happy and excited for you.

Just a reminder that I've moved my blog back to Blogger and it is now at http://ramblingbydesign.blogspot.com/

If I'm in your reader make the change (and also in your sidebar) so you can keep up (lol). Rock on!!

Formulaic said...

I think that Coz is a lot flatter than CDA, so you'll be set.

Of course, you'll be missing your race wheels!

Keep up the training! (or get to training!)

Duane said...

I look forward to following your training! I just signed up for IM AZ so wish me luck! My ass is already mad at me!

Julie M said...

Hey I found your blogg on the Las Vegas Tri Page under the BBSC Endurance info and it said that BBSC has discout codes that they offer for the St George Triathlon in May and I was wondering if you know anything about those codes. Thanks for your time and help.
Julie M