Friday, March 20, 2009

A week in Vegas..!!

Wow what a week! Lots of good training and getting things done.

With Rage just around the corner I have been able to ride the course a couple of times and even get a brick done this week, although it did kick my butt. It only tells me that I am not fully ready for it but with the 4 weeks to go I will be just fine, I hope!

Formulaic and I were able to catch The Watchmen on IMAX this week and turns out its a pretty good movie. It was an early break in training being as it was at the beginning of the week. Swimming this week has been a little hectic, although I have been getting in the pool I feel a little behind on endurance to get the job done but I think I will come around as long as I keep hitting the water. Saturday I will head to Lake Mead for a lake swim but I am sure it will be choppy as the wind is going to be kicking up a lot! Sunday will be brick again out at Rage Course.

On Saturday the Las Vegas Tri club is having a mini-duathlon so I will help volunteer for that as well being as I will be out at Lake Mead.

Now on to some cool stuff that happened last night. It was the viewing of the movie (documentary) Siliverman Triathlon put on by race director Frank Lowery. Frank has made one of the Toughest if not the Toughest course around when it comes to triathlons. It's not by his intent but it's just what the Las Vegas terrain has to offer as he states in the film. The movie was great, inspirational and motivating. Interviews with Dave "The Man" Scott, Chris McCormack, several of the Challenged Athletes Foundation - Operation Rebound, with one of them being Oscar Sanchez who competed in the ParaOlympics in Beijing and took home a Gold and Bronze! All the athletes were really nice and amazing how they have accomplished so much with so much adversity and all with the Glory of defending our Country.

After the movie everyone was invited to hang out at The Blue Martini Lounge. A really nice place that is quite the happening spot. It was fun to hang out with all the athletes and even meet some locals athletes that were featured in the movie, race director Joyce of Calico Racing who is very nice and truly a great RD who listens as well as a great athlete herself and newly movie star Stef! But of course I cannot forget about THE MAN.

As I am ready to leave Dave is talking with a few people and I quickly tap him on the should, introduce myself and thank him for all he's done. It was quick and short. Nice guy. But wait.. theres more. As I was leaving Dave and Frank were walking out ahead of me and when they got to the entrance there was a table with Silverman info and CAF info that needed to be packed up. Frank quickly got it together and I offered my assistance, well why not! Dave was helping. So we grab all the boxes and stuff and head outside, go down the escalators and then have to wait a few minutes to see which direction the car is. As I am waiting, with Dave.. he starts talking about how busy and nice the Blue Martini place is and cant believe there is that many people out on a Thursday night, even though it was almost Friday Morning, HA! I said yeah, its Vegas always something to do. I asked, Dave so are you training for anything right now (well I had to take my shot in asking quickly) He said no not really specific but just staying in the game of things and his business is busy. He did remark about how the training session scheduled at 5:30am was going to go over being as it was late and he had just got into town in the mid afternoon. By this time we had picked up the boxes and headed to valet to load up. Once loaded I said bye to Frank and Dave and thanked them for an awesome movie. (Dave was the main narrator, btw)

So I didn't get any pictures but it was great to see and meet all these people!! I had a great time and look forward to seeing the locals around training.

OK speaking of training.. I have a ride to get in..



teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great time in Vegas, baby. LOL.

Kathleen said...

I like your new profile picture. When I went to Vegas in January, I wanted to have my bike out there SO badly. Gorgeous out at Red Rock.