Friday, March 13, 2009

When 1 Thing changes..

it's interesting how everything changes. Since moving back to Vegas a lot has changed. Some small changes, some big changes. Some mental changes and some physical changes. All have been good, even though I didn't want the change, who am I to say that change is not going to happen, Do I think I'm God or something trying to control things?

As things have unwound this past couple of weeks I have notice a different me. Actually maybe not different but the that person that used to be there long ago when I was training for CdA. That person that used to feel different about things and who used to read the Bible and pay attention to things. I welcome it back with open arms and put forth the extra effort to enjoy the mental clarity that I believe I need right now.

With this comes a focus on different things in Life. On Training, on feeling better about me. I guess you could say it's "ME TIME" as CoachLiz will know what I'm talking about. haha! As you can see to the right on the counter for my training, the numbers are going UP! Which is very welcomed!! I have been able to get some decent rides in this week, as well as swim with the new found fishy Formulaic, joined the gym and lifted some weights along with my strength plan and even pound the pavement in my new shoes! All invigorating and once again Welcomed!

I'm training like twice a day, like I don't have a job, oh wait, I don't at the moment.. haha.. now only I would get paid to do that but far from being anywhere close to fast for that to happen.

I look forward to the next week for more training and any other changes!!

Hey Stef when are we going riding..???



Stef said...

I hear ya on clarity!! SO important!

I sent you an email about riding. :-)

Ryan said...

I've been gone a while, sorry to hear about the changes. Enjoy "you" time and get back to training!

How about IM Utah?????

I'm in!