Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am not totally sure what happened since Sunday. You see after a great workout weekend I rested up on Monday, did some stretching and core work, nothing really strenuous but I noticed I just seemed tired. My legs were tired, I didn't sleep well and I just didn't have that usual energy.

Now on Tuesday, I slept well throughout the night and woke up ate breakfast and then I just felt totally tired again. I took some time and I looked like this for the morning :

As the morning progressed I just totally kept feeling like a slug and HUNGRY! I ate lunch and some snacks and started preparing for the swim but then I quickly found myself in a nap and then looking like this: (right pic)

So by 5pm I ate an early dinner and WHAM! that did it. Right after dinner I was finally full and I felt much better! I was speaking with CoachLiz and we concluded that I just didn't eat enough this weekend after all the training and my body was in a recovery, sleep and eat mode. I really can't believe how much better I feel and now I just don't feel hungry!

So now I know that after that much training I really need to put the feed bag on and get plenty of food. It's actually hard to eat good clean food in mass amounts as many of you know.

Now that I feel better I am ready for tomorrow as it will be a high level of running day and I am looking to pick up my swim that I bagged today, ugh!



teacherwoman said...

Oh boy. I know that when I don't eat enough I feel like crap and get all bitchy. Have fun with your run today!

Stef said...

Ha ha the same thing happens to me as what Stacy said. I like the image of the feed bag and I agree it IS hard to eat clean in large quantities.

We can do it though. Have a great training day!

lindsay said...

my problem is when i tell myself "oh i can eat that, i ran today" when really... i shouldn't. let's be real i'm not running that much right now. course i'm not quite reaching for a banana or some carrots either. good luck finding the balance in quantity and quality of your nutrition.

lindsay said...
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CoachLiz said...

Be sure to eat well before, during, and after your big brick today.

Tell me how it goes.

Oh, and Nutter Butters are not a clean food. Neither are Pringles for that matter.