Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silverman sherpa.. and feeling better.

This weekend was the Silverman triathlon and it's stated it is the Hardest North American iron distance and half iron distance and I must agree it probably is. Formulaic took on the full course and a few other friends jumped in on the 70.3 distance. I must say there is some great schwag for this event and if you dont believe ask S. Baboo as he has done it himself and can probably give you his opinion on how tough the course is.

This year was the 1st time in the history of the 5 year race that weather conditions were perfect. Flat glass water, no winds and minimal 70's temps. I was on hand from the 7am start till Form crossed that finish line 140.6 miles later.

I was at mile 95 on full and 44 for the half on the Famous Sisters. 3 back to back to back hills that are just not nice at this point in the race. The 3rd is just steep and it takes all you got to get to the top of it unless you got some serious climbing gears, which I would totally recommend for this course as it's continuous hills, climbs and hills all day long.

I was glad to be out there cheering everyone on and thinking in 19 days it will be my turn. I am feeling much better in confidence but I am worried about the humidity that will play in as I have talked about for the past several blog posts. My calfs are feeling better and overall I guess I am in taper but I feel more nervous wanting to get a couple of long runs and swims still in. I got new shoes and do need a few runs on them but overall I am confident they will be good for the marathon.

Silverman, 2010? Humm.. A part of me says no F'ing way and the other part says I have to conquer this back yard course, in faster than 15 hours 58 mins! Sorry Form! haha.



Tea said...

Stay focused, my friend. You are almost there!

Trishie said...

We're 18 days out. ... wow. Very cool that you sherpa-d Silverman !

S. Baboo said...

Silverman is a race with sweet SWAG. It is the hardest full I've done but the Rage half is harder than the Silverman half in my humble opinion.

Kelly said...

Ummm...I thought we agreed that no one was doing a full next year. I'm just saying ;-)

Jason said...

Rock on, man!

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Anonymous said...

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