Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I am still alive and getting to it. Training has been a little more time consuming with longer swim sets, biking and running.

I was able to smash out a 112 miler on Sunday in 6 hours 10 mins with another 10 mins of stopping time to refuel at the store and use the bathroom. That will be cut down a little on the actual course so that is good but I had a good day in the saddle, worked my nutrition, salts, gu's.. etc.. Now I am only concerned how the heat and humidity will play out.

As for the run, well not so great. I was scheduled to run 21 on Saturday and by mile 11 my left Achilles/calf was giving me problems so I called it quits b/c I just could not get the calf to loosen up and work so I didn't want to stress it any more. It's better today but still needs a little TLC so hopefully by this weekend we shall be back in action. I am also on the hunt for new shoes in town but not having any luck with my big size 15 foot.!!

Swimming is coming along and after swimming a long set last week I am feeling confident that I will make the swim, maybe not any faster than CdA but that's Okay.. Survive the swim and get to the bike is goal.

Until next time.. !!



Trishie said...

nice ride !

Formulaic said...

NICE RIDE! Are you sure you did that in Vegas?

Nothing is flat in Vegas and you still did that??

CZ is gonna rock!!

teacherwoman said...

You are doing great! KEEP IT UP!

lindsay said...

hope your heel/calf are coming around!