Thursday, March 25, 2010

chasing the run..

It's 19 days post OP50 and although I have logged a couple of runs, last weekend 17/20 I guess I really can't complain, or can I?

This past weekend during the 17 run it was all on trails and my left calf was bothering me two days leading up to this but must have been from the rain out/bail out I pulled on Thursday. On the same trail and route, Thursday, I was about 6 miles in when a crazy storm blew in at Red Rock and it got seriously windy and then the rain started. Luckily I was at a rest/parking area and there was a couple who asked if I wanted a ride and so I quickly jumped in as it was getting pretty crazy. So a decent run of 6 miles on Thursday followed up by running Sunday may have caused me issues.

As the Sunday run started out things were good, I mean as good as they could be. My calf was definitely not firing and I could feel I was not getting the push off I needed as was compensating with the right leg to provide the extra giddy-up I needed. By the time we were heading back to the car in the area that I really like to run down I just didn't have the power! and the legs were just not having it. At mile 16 I actually just stopped and walked the last mile. Disappointed and bummed I couldn't run another mile. I did break it down and tell my self that running the last mile was really not going to improve anything other than my Ego.

On Monday I was at the gym and getting in some strength workout stuff and even got on the treadmill to walk a mile to loosen things up and although I felt good I still don't recall having the power back. I took Tues/Weds off and worked on stretching and resting. Today, I am heading to the gym for strength work again and although it is leg day I will take it easy with my new workout plan as to not tank my legs for this weekends run.

All of this leads me to the upcoming Labor of Love 50k on April 11th. I have to decide quick as the price increase is this weekend. No matter what I do I seem to be chasing the run.

Some of you may be wondering what's with running so much so soon again and well I must admit... I have my eyes set on Rio Del Lago 100 Sept 11 and hence, the reason for adding the SilverRush 50 in Leadville. I know I know!!! Freakn' Crazy!!! Huh!! I know! With the training for OP50 and with the plan laid out I feel I can put the 1st attempt at the 100 and although that is scary ass thought and an inconceivable thought at that. I told S. Baboo now that he signed up for Leadville 100 that just thinking about doing it is the same feeling I got when I thought about Ironman. I think I can do with the right training but still not sure and as for the 100, it's just like that. I mean going from 50 to 100 is a whole other level, like 70.3 to 140.6! and bottom line is that it all scares the shit out of me. Not only that but to train up for the 10o RDL in September means training in some fabulous Vegas Heat which is not fun as I did last year for Headlands 50 but in a positive it only prepares you for dealing with some heat at RDL, which can be hot.

Ohh and don't forget that in all this I have this guy chasing me down and will surely be busting my triathlon times this year which will only leave me want revenge! There you have it. The deep and secret thoughts of JohnnyTri. Really the.. this guy is off his freakn' rocker thoughts!! haha.



Formulaic said...

The deep secret life of JT is crazy!

A 100?! Well if anyone can do it, it is you. You have the balls and the legs to do just about anything as you've proven over and over again!

Go get em, just make sure you don't set the bar too high! I am tired of chasing you down!

Josh said...

awesome! you can definitely do 100! and Rio is my "back-up" race. we should be finding out soon if Angeles Crest is actually going to happen and if not, then I'll be at RIO! Be careful with that calf - some caution now will be totally worth it