Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doing Great and Even Better!

Finally, Stretch to Win, has come to Las Vegas!!!!

That's right!!! and I Dr. John am bringing it hear. Over this past weekend, I was back down in Tempe, AZ at the Stretch to Win Institute to complete my certification and so here it is:

Not that I am big on bragging and all that jazz but I will say I am the Official 1st certified STW therapist in the state of Nevada. What does that mean? Nothing really. Or wait. It means I have a lot of work to do to get people to understand what Fascial Stretching is all about and why it is so important in every day activities, athletics, recovering and everything else being as Fascia covers your Whole Entire Body!!!

I very proud of completing this certification and the experience it is adding to my practice and how much further I can help people. This last part of the certification was the Upper Body series so adding this to the Lower body this week with some of my clients has just been incredible.

I look forward to continuing on in my certification levels with STW, unfortunately, it will be next year as they have changed up there schedule and the timing of things does not work out for the level 2 course this year but no worries! All the wonderful stuff I have with level 1 is amazing and you can ask CoachLiz (she receives stretching from Kimberly @ Spine and Sports Therapy in Houston, TX. ) and you can ask Molly, Jimmy just to name a few of personal clients.

As far as training goes. Well, let's talk.

Since it is 11 post OP50 run things have been happening, in a good way. First, I actually ran for the first time last night pulling in 4 miles at a nice upbeat pace, probably which was too fast for just coming back but hey I felt good. Also since last week I looked into this and well.. July 18th is the show down!! for Leadville SilverRush 50 I just had too! The timing was right and it looks fun and challenging with all that altitude!

In training for all this I will also manage to jump in on the LOL 50k on April 11th. Calico is having a huge race event weekend and the 50k worked out well for me and I have a volunteer race credit from 2009 that I can apply so even all the more!

My next adventure is to find a trail shoe even though I have completed all my training and races in a regular running shoe, I believe it may be time to change and see what the difference is. It almost felt like a better gripping shoe on OP50 would have worked better with all the rocks and such but I can honestly say that for Headlands 50 I felt the running show was sufficient.


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Formulaic said...

As a prior recipent of the stretching therapy session, I can testify to the effectiveness of it!

Dr John really know his stuff and it really works - I felt great afterwards.