Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can still bike.

It's been 4 months since any serious biking has been completed.. okay, there was the 10 miler I did about 4 weeks ago with my TNT tri-group and then there was 21 miles done on Saturday but really that was it.

So when Formulaic said he was going out to ride 60 miles on Sunday I was a little intrigued. Mostly just to ride as the 21 miles the day before was kind of nice and reminded me how I do like biking but really I wanted to see how I would feel with biking 60 miles. After a few text's back and forth I was set to meet Form at Lake Mead.

As I got to the lake, Form was getting in his swim and I got my bike stuff ready. As he T1'd and we were set to go I remembered I forgot my helmet!! UGGHHHH!!!!! Miles from home and no helmet..SHIT! We quickly called Mrs. Form and she agreed to meet us at the check station into the lake but that would be I would be riding 10 miles without a helmet. (Yes, Coach, I could hear you in my ear yelling at me the whole way!!!) I must say it was quite uncomfortable to be riding without a helmet but what could I do, either scrap the whole ride or go 10 without it.

Once we met up with Mrs. Form and lil' Form I was super happy they could help me out and drop off a helmet. Now I was much more comfortable and ready to ride. We proceeded to enter good ol' North Shore Drive which has many climbs to reckon with. As the miles ticked away I was quickly reminded why I don't like riding at Lake Mead. I was actually looking at the sides of the roads and would see trails and think.. dang sure would like to go running down that trail and see where it goes. I actually told Form one time and he said he would wait right at the road for me, ha!

After we made the 30 mile turn around point, it was a quick refuel time and we were off heading back. Now I must say in the defense of Lake Mead and North Shore, I like the return because it is much faster with continually down grades and its just overall faster getting back then going out. As I slammed the gears down and took off I thought why not negative split the return and for 20 miles I worked it, attacking hills, out of saddle climbing and pushing the down hills! As North Shore was about to end I decided to slow down and take the last 10 miles easy. Formualic caught up with me and he took the lead the last 10.

As we pulled up to the cars I was truly ready to get off the bike and soon Form pulled a T2 and was off running. He offered for me to join but all I could really think about was getting in the lake and cooling off and that is exactly what I did. The water was a nice cold ice bath type and after a while I changed out and headed home. I saw Form heading back from his 4 mile run, which officially made him a somewhat unbalanced mini-triathlon but he really rocked it! Nice job dude!

The rest of the day I recovered and felt pretty good, tired of course but nothing out of the ordinary. The next day, I was actually feeling good again but just tired as I didn't seem to get enough sleep. Today, Tuesday, I am feeling tight in the legs but again overall Great. I will be hitting the DreadMill later today as the wind is 30mph ++ so running outside is really not good option today.

Bottom line... I can Still Bike!! and even with a 4 month layoff, it only goes to show that Ultra-running can keep your legs ready to roll in a moments notice.!



Stef said...

Love this! You and Form inspire me! Keep it up.

Duane said...

Nice! What are your races for 2010?