Wednesday, May 05, 2010

and we're off....

That's right!! if you are looking for me you can certainly find me here!! Cabo San Lucas. Dez and I are heading down for her bff's wedding. This comes at a much needed time, well, I think anyways.

This past week of running the toe has been hit or miss but mostly miss. Heading into Friday's run of a 15 miles around Red Rock Loop was to be the test to see how things held up. As it turns out for most of the run, maybe the last mile did my toe start bothering me but otherwise I was good to go and just tired in general from the challenging course the loop has to offer.

Saturday morning was team in training business and we all gathered at Lake Mead. After the training it was time to get my run on. Not only was another 15 miler on the schedule it was only 15 hours post Friday run at Red Rock!! So as I started out my legs were just not happy. It took several minutes for my legs to come around and then I was good for a while. I actually ran the 2008 RAGE in the SAGE 70.3 run course, which was totally crappy as SWTriGal, S. Baboo and few others of the Outlaws can testify to but being as I am run training and trail training I took on the old course which leads up the side of the 6 tunnel course through a ravine which is loaded with sand, gravel, packed dirt, loose rocks and more sand. As a trail runner its a Great course, as a Triathlete it totally sucks! Once up on the tunnel road I enjoyed the great view of Lake Mead and the many tourists walking the tunnels and once I actually hit the turn around point I was close enough to the Hoover Dam that I thought, hell, I might as well go down there and see the new overpass bridge construction. As you can see the overpass bridge is now connected, an awesome display of engineering!

As I headed back it was a littler hotter out and my toe was just starting to act up. By the time I made it off the trail and back to the road with about a mile left I was walking due to the irritation and pain I was feeling. The bad thing was the more I walked the worse it seemed but the more I ran the more I wanted to stop, so I did the s-l-o-w shuffle run, oh wait!! That's how I run anyway!! Hahaha! By the time I made it back to the car I was definitely glad to be done and so was my toe. With two 15 mile runs back-back within 15 hours I figured I had accomplished a great training block. The plan was to rest up on Sunday and then hit another 15-15 block on Mon/Tues.

Well on Mon I could feel my legs where still as heavy as bricks and I actually went to the gym to try a split run on the treadmill. I started off walking and then running but after 1 mile my right knee was hurting, my legs were still not recovered and I was mentally beat. I switched over to the elliptical trainer for about 15 mins and then I just ran out of gas mental. I felt bad and was just not ready to be running. Overall I just didn't realize that I got beat down that much from 2 runs, I mean, I felt better running 30 miles at once than I had a back-back run. Anyway, on Tuesday my patella tendon was still talking to me so I took off all together and just got ready for Cabo. I have brought my running gear to get a few short 6 mile runs on the treadmill as I don't think our resort is in a place to run but I will be checking.

So for now it's off to Cabo with hopes of a better toe!!!



Formulaic said...


Very nice! Who are you kidding? Running in Cabo? You'll be to 'happy' to run. Or at least you should be.

The back to back runs are tough and thats the point of them! Don't beat yourself up about it. They are supposed to destroy you. That is the reason you are doing them. Trust in the training and keep listening to your body.

Awesome job out there!

Josh said...

hope your trip was great. I'm with Formulaic on the back-to-backs AND listening to the body. Better to take a little RnR now and come back stronger than to push it too hard and end up having to sit it out for a while!
hope you got nice and tan in Cabo!