Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Since being back from Cabo I thought I was ready to get with the program and get to some serious miles and training, however, my body has thought otherwise and has made a plan of its own that really forces you to accept it or pay the consequences.

First off, coming off the big toe issues, it seemed to resolve while in Cabo, must have been all the food and alcohol that filled up the empty hole in that toe, hahaha. I went out for a nice 5 mile run last Tuesday at the FleetFeet run and everything was great. It’s actually been a long time since I ran 5 miles consistently without stopping to walk a hill. I was a great run and all was good. Then I woke up Wednesday morning and got prepared to hit the road for my 12 miler. I started running and about a mile into it I could feel some sort of different pain in my left leg. It’s different for me to deal with pains simply b/c I have never really had them! So having some leg pain throws me for a loop. I could feel some cramping pain in my left glutes as well as my left knee hurting. As the steps progressed my leg actually felt like it was going to buckle a couple of times. I stopped and walked, I stopped and stretched. I stopped and jumped. I did everything I could to try and fix it but nothing seemed to work as soon as I started running it started coming back and a little more intense. By this time I had already turned around and ended my run with a pitiful 3 miles! Later I did all the post run stuff in hopes of it feeling better or just going away. I took Thursday off and on Friday I went out again for a run. I made it like ½ mile!!! WTF!!! I thought I have some serious nagging shit here and I need to get it looked at before it gets worse.

Now I am not going to lie, this really mentally bummed me out and shook my confidence in my ability to run my upcoming 50 let alone the 100! I mean, WTF! If you can’t run, you can’t train!! I even went back to all my previous shoes, general kick around shoes, anything that I could think of that I had changed in the past 2 weeks. I did start some stabilization and plyometric training to increase abductor stability to the glutes and lower body in general. I took basically a week off.

Last night, I went out to try it out. Started walking for .25 mile. All was good. Started running and all was good for about 1 mile, and then I could feel it coming back. I turned around and headed home running on any dirt I could as it seemed to not be as intense but it was still noticeable. By the time I got home it was totally annoying and I could feel it without a doubt. I texted my chiro buddy Victor, who specializes in ART and set up to see him asap.

Today, I went in to see Dr. Victor. He and I are good friends and anytime we can help each other out it’s a win win situation. I explained all my crying and waa-waaness to him and we proceeded outside to run. As I ran it quickly returned and I explained, pointed and cussed! We went back inside for the OH So Fun ART to begin. Now I must admit that ART is a good technique and helps in many ways but it one of the most uncomfortable painful techniques around, but who gives a rats ass if it works right!

After a few minutes working on my toe and my left knee/ITB region we returned outside to run again. The running was better but I could still feel some minor stuff, but better. We go back inside for round #2 of pain from Holy Hell, then a small taping and an appointment to return on Monday for more pain. I must admit it does feel a little better and I am hoping to run a least a couple of 6 miles over the weekend to see how it goes. We also discussed that my current Asics Evolution 5 shoes (motion control) appear to be me too much and over correcting. Over the last months I have been strictly on trails so the control has not been an issue but since I moved to some more road running its over-correcting.

Bottom line: my confidence has been shaken a little and it makes me wonder in my ability to get this fixed in time to complete adequate training.

I guess this is welcome back from Cabo..!!!!



Josh said...

don't get down on yourself or count yourself out just yet. You have a great base and plenty of time to get ready for RDL, even if you have to take it easy for a short while. Keep at that ART!!

Kristin said...

Be careful and keep at it, you'll be back in no time. Injuries are so frustrating but if you catch them early, you can overcome them.

Tea said...

Injuries are tough. But you're tougher. Take the time you need, and you will be ok for the race! Trust me on this. I know everything.