Monday, May 24, 2010

Go Away.. Go Away..

That's all I can think about these days and I am referring to the nagging crap that's plaguing my body with small but significant injuries. OKAY, so maybe it's my body's way of saying it needs Rest, ya think! Shhhh!!! don't answer that. I know, I know but come on, I have rested. I have got massages, I have stretched (my finger) but that's close enough right? Not exactly.

Along with discovering lately that my motion control shoes are just too aggressive for road running for me these days (im back in Stability) I have also ran just enough in them to bring out problems that were waiting for center stage! Bastards!! and they got it. As we know the Big Toe was an issue a few weeks ago, which created some compensations and now has effected my left glute, which in turn set off my left ITB and calf along with the shoes adding to the expressway to center stage.

I have underwent the ohhhh sooo wonderful ART stuff from my buddy doc and it has helped but still not 100%. I have been stretching more, fully body.. Foam rolling and using the stick. My body does feel like it needs a little rest from running or just some more TLC to keep it working. I will admit I have been lazy in preventative care and now I am paying the price, the shoes was just something, unfortunately, I had to figure out since returning to the road.

Anyway, things are somewhat looking up and now I just have to see how the body responds to things and look to see how much training I can actually get in for the upcoming July SilverRush 50 and RDL 100.


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