Thursday, August 12, 2010

And it has began

That's right! Since the great awesome oh shit day of getting selected to run in the HURT 100 I have started my training. I actually started just a couple of weeks before in case I was selected and even if I wasn't it was time to get back in gear.

First let's talk about HURT!!! It's so exciting and crazy all at the same time. I mean this race venue is listed at the #2 toughest 100's in the U.S. HardRock 100 takes the top spot and you need to have completed a qualifying 100 to enter even enter HardRock. My thought patter going into the lottery selection for HURT was simple. Apply and see if you get picked, if not, than no loss and you try again next year, just like NY Marathon, Hawaii Ironman, etc... you just go for it and then you put the program in place. I applied as soon as it opened and it closed 5 days later. I had not seen how many people had entered until Saturday afternoon when it was time to view the live selection process via Ultra Signup.

The HURT 100 selects 125 runners. 36 hours to complete 100 miles in 5 loops, 24,035 feet of climbing, very few sections where you can run with a consistent stride for more than a few hundred at a time, 20 stream crossings, lots of roots, rocks, slippery, and trail that does not lend itself to be run in under 19 hours! and this is all the good things!! We haven't even mentioned the Humidity, bugs, rain, mud, did I mention Humidity!! and Heat. Just because its January that doesn't mean it's cooler. With all that I was so excited to watch as the first runner was selected, then after the 3rd person the server was overloaded and there was a delay!! AGGGHHHHH!!

Then the names started to roll through and the list was growing. I was nervous at first but then after about 20 people I settled down. It's a lottery and just see how it goes. Soon there was 40, 50, 65, 80 people selected. By this time I was started to get a little bummed, Honestly, somewhere deep inside I wanted to be selected. Then 88 runners and than 93, 96 and then the list paused or something! What!! Then I refreshed it and 4 others popped up...

John Vigil...

OMG, I started yelling with my fists pumping in the air!! Yelling!! OMG!! I got picked! Dez yelling too!! OMG, is all I kept saying!! I couldnt believe it. I stared at my name for about 2 mins!! I didn't refresh the screen, I just shouted out and stared at my name!! I quickly counted and from the last refresh when my name popped up I was the 100th runner selected.... I refreshed and there was 112 selected. Than a couple of minutes later 125 total selected.

It took a while to come down off the excitement and actually I'm still excited. I mean this is my first 100 attempt and to be able to GO FOR IT in Hawaii!! Amazing! No matter how far, how hard it is I will do my best and will only be pulled out for medical reasons.

With a great training plan, proper care of my body over the next 155 days. It will be here soon than I know it. It feels like my first Ironman but only this one HURTS!!!!!!!



Formulaic said...

Awesome post!

Awesome pics too! They truly inspire go back to bed!!!

J/K. I know this may be insane to say, but if you need a run buddy give me a call.

Tell you the truth, I love the midnight runs.

S. Baboo said...

I can't believe it. Run, run, run!

Tea said...

You are freaking nuts! I LOVE IT! COngrats!

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