Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slow n Low

With 152 days and count the weekly training went okay. I was able to complete some good early workouts but then took 2 days off because my ankles were still sore from the Mt. Charleston hiking last week, as well as, my quads were still feeling a deep soreness. As I took the extra 2 days of recovery I felt great going into Saturday's run.

I was a little disappointed that I got a late start on Saturday and I could already feel the morning heat. I started about 7:30 and as I returned to my old training trail at Red Rock I was eager to get going. As I started up the center trail I started to practice some of my uphill pacing and while I would switch off between running and fast uphill walking I noticed that I was more winded than usual. I couldn't determine if it was because I was just out of shape, I was carrying about 110 oz of water, the heat or all the above. It was some serious work getting to the 4.3 mile mark that crosses the road.

By the time I got there I had been sweating like crazy and I had consumed 24 oz of water on a 17oz/hour schedule. Yikes! As I continued up to the turn of our trail that's called White Rock Loop I had stopped to take a quick break, check in on my hydration/salt. I had consumed 44 oz. so I was basically ahead of my planned drinking. That is good but not so good if there are no places to refill, which there are not. I made the decision to return back to my car, where I had more water to refill. By the time I got back, the Sun was out and blaring down Hard! It was about 93* and no wonder I was overheating. It was all I could do to get back to the car and cool down.

After I made it back, my mileage was short of the planned 15 but being as I had taken the beating of the Sun and had a good training day I called it. Overall, I was a little disappointed, mostly I guess due to not achieving the planned mileage but under the conditions and for future runs I have to be flexible.

After getting back home and cleaned up and eating I soon noticed I had a crazy headache! I laid down for a while but it didn't seem to help much. Finally, after lots and lots of water and a couple of ibuprofen it was gone. Damn! I had gotten too much Sun and paid for it, so it was a good thing I didn't continue on.

I am looking forward to the training week this week and some good workouts!



Spokane Al said...

Thanks for changing your fonts so that they show up in black on Google Reader. The yellows and blues etc that you often use are pretty much unreadable in Google Reader and I suspect that I miss many of your great reports because of that issue.

cep socks said...

Thanks! This is something I've really missed and was very happy to find. :)