Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What time is it?

August!! What? Wait a minute!! I mean wasn't it just my birthday in Feb and now it's August! Geezz..!!

Well since Badwater I got back and started somewhat of a training plan but since then it has come into better focus and I am happy to look down road, literally!

A couple of weeks ago, Jimmy, co-owner of DSA, and I went to hike Mt. Charleston with another friend, Will, of Jimmy's. We hiked the South loop which is about 8.5 miles up and then took the North side down, which is about 10 miles. Starting elevation is about 7100 feet and summit is 11,918 ft. All in all, a great day for hiking and a much needed bring back to reality that I have been sitting around way too much!

The hike had many switch backs and steep grades. Although it was in the low 70's I seemed to use much more water than I thought and ended up running out about 2 miles out and since I was on rations earlier the last 2 miles back to the truck sucked! I was so thirsty!!!

As I said it made me think of a few things. 1) how lazy I have been; 2) my fitness is not what it used to be (of course I had that nagging injury but still! nothing wrong with my arm for weights, etc.) 3) I under estimated my nutrition/water, rookie mistake! 4) I loved hiking!

Now that August is here the more focus training plan has started. The loom of 100 miler is on the brain again and the planning and scheduling has begun! I will know more this weekend as to which 100 miler I will be taking on, so stayed tuned!

I'll look to get some pictures up of the hike to Mt. Charleston


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