Monday, November 01, 2010

October recap..

Well with all the crap I had going on it ended this way:

6 Runs = 115 miles in 31 hours 54 mins.

I guess I can't really complain too much being as my foot was jacked, my personal stuff and working but overall I just don't think that will get me to the end of HURT100! it will more likely End me in HURT!

This month has to be on the up and up!! or else I'm just screwed. Today, on a good note, I started CrossFit with a trainer, Brian W. who owns High Bar Fitness. I already can tell this is going to be great for conditioning so stay tuned.



Formulaic said...

6 runs? That's all the runs you got in?

Well at least they were some high mileage runs. That 100k is a serious deposit in the bank.

I think you have proved your legs can handle 100 miles. Now we need to get you used to high climbing.

For this month, work on climbing mountains!! Get those legs used to it.

Lots of Box Jumps!

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