Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cinco Ranch recap..

Short of it: I was not listed on the results page so not sure if my chip even worked for something happened, sucks! UPDATE: RESULTS ARE UP!! YAHOO..

#24/54 Clyds Group

Swim : #47/54 - 11:17.8 time

T1: 2:13.8

Bike: #17/54 - 52:57.7 time - 21.5 mph

T2: 1:28.4

Run: #35/54 - 28:25.9 time - 9:28/M

Overall Time: 1:36:23.7

Better than Garim Data!! Hell Ya!!

All I have is Garmin Data for Bike (18.36miles in 56 mins, avg. pace 19.6mph. Total Zone 5!) and run (3 miles @ 9.52/mi pace, Zone 4-5).

Will wait on numbers to see if the numbers show up on the results this week. So let's get to recapin`

To begin with my buddy, John from A-twn came down for this race as this was his 2nd triathlon so he was little nervous going into it. As we got to the race site parking was Totally Jacked at the lots of the schools they used were all full and we ended up parking in the street which actually turned out to be better as we were closer to race site.

After getting marked and set up in transition it was chip pick up and bathroom time. All pretty uneventful. As I we were driving in and parking I saw PinkGuruGal! and knew I would have to catch up with her sometime after the race but as I was walking to chip pick up I ran into Jane! and first thing I was ask is where is her new Guru Bike! If you have not seen this thing you need to jump over to her blog to check it out! It's so freakn Badass!! I told her I would stop by her rack and check it out and I did so later and about drooled all over it! If it was so small for me it would be even better.

Swim: 400 meter technical course as it was in a small lake and you had to swim in a funny "S" type shape. Anyway, Clydesdale's are the last group to go with the Relays and Athena's, I think there was about 125 of us. First off, JT and John aligned ourselves on the left of the pack which would turn out to be a mistake as the first turn is about 100 meters out and to the LEFT.
It wasn't all out bashing but there was lots of pushing and bumping and smacking. Someone tried to swim over JT but that was not going to happen and I held my position did some sort of bootybump while swimming and knocked them off of me, Ya, SCORE, suka! About half way in the swim of the "S" I was still on the left and I hit the bottom of the lake with my left arm, WTF! Turns out it was just really shallow there and several people were actually walking, crawling along so JT did the same and stayed with them. After 25 meters it was back to swimming, make the final "S" turn to the right and I was finally clear of people 300 meters in, geez, great. Last 100 was just a sprint really to get out.

T1: nutn' exciting here. I saw JD heading out as I came running in, Damn!

Bike: Once mounted I got settled in and checked my Garmin which I had in my bento box and I was in Zone 5! Yikes. I thought I would just keep going and current pace it I would settle in and it would drop to Z4, never happened. I settled in but no drop unless I backed off and that wasn't happening. I was passing people and trying to strap my Garmin on my wrist and that just wasn't happening either so I managed to shove it down in the top of the aero bottle sitting on the yellow spongy thingy. So I am passing a lot of people by mile 7 and this continues for a while, I was really jacked as I passed a lot during the whole bike! At mile 13, I see JD! Suka` I got his ass, I kick it up just a little bit to really him in and when it was time I yell out "Yakima on your LEFT!" Ha! (from previous posts the bet for the Yakiam bike rack) JD, laughs and I pass. So now I am passing more bikers and I see these 2 up ahead and this fuker is totally drafting, I mean he is like pace line drafting! I finally catch them and yell "Hey #44, this isn't a draft legal race!" and I pass by. There was a point on the road where the shoulder began to narrow and if you are familiar, this road has those perpendicular 3" grates cut into the road in case you start to drive on the shoulder and it makes that loud buzzing noise to alert you, well, as the shoulder began to narrow I was coming up fast on this guy and yelled on your left. He didn't move and so I Yelled again! No I am almost right on him and no moving and he had room so I decided to drive over the grates, so I braced, stood up and over I went passing him and again yelling more like dick, ON YOUR LEFT! As I finished crossing over the grates I heard this noise and something just hit the road, I knew immediately what it was and grabbed the brakes! It was my Garmin!!! Then the dude I just passed yells out "Ahha, see what you get!" I quickly bust a U-turn as everyone is now passing me and JD yells out, Hurry your ass up! I grab the Garmin and put it in my jersey pocket and take off. This other guy asks me what I dropped and say my Garmin and he agrees it was a no brainier to stop and get it but now my rhythm is off and I have to rest and get back in the groove and my mission is to catch JD again and then loud mouth for talking shit! I catch Mr. Mouth and as I come hauling ass around him, I yell "Ha, that's what I get is on your LEFT! You're just too slow!" and really fly by him to make the statement! Now focus on JD. I finally pull back up to him and yell "How bout that for recovery, I want that Yakima, on your left!" He yells out to hammer down and I go around. By now I was already on heading back and I crossed this intersection and this volunteer directing traffic shouts out at me "#815, PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN AND ASS IN THE AIR AND CRACK THEM PEDAL'S, GO GO GO !! So I did!!!! Finished out the bike and hit T2

T2: As I was changing in T2, I could hear my peeps yelling out me to move it. Someone yelled to hurry my ass up and put those shoes on and I heard Lauren, I think, yelling.. Come on Vigil (last name) move it! it was kind of funny really! It was exciting tho to hear some peeps yelling for ya!
Heading out of T2 I see Liz snapping pictures, which by the way all these are from her, Thank Liz!! (ps. She is also new in Bloggerville so stop on by and show some Tri-Luv, she got a good Cancun 70.3 recap)

Run: I started out right at a 9:30/min pace and was sucking wind for sure. I slowed down and got passed a couple of times but not by anyone in my Clyds. I was an out and back course so after the 1.5 mile turn around I was feeling pretty good and using the ice water to cool me down as it was now a little hot. I saw JD, and was about 1/2 mile ahead. Once I hit the 2 mile marker I knew it was time to get back to the 9:30 mark as I had slowed. About 3/4 mile left a Clyds. passed me pretty quickly and I thought shit, I won't be able to stay with him but just stay close. Well 25 meters in front of me he stopped and walked and I passed him again. I stayed ahead of him and then my left hamstring started to cramp, sloooooooooowy. I didn't know to stop or just keep running, as I slowed it seemed to get worse and finally I just stopped holding on to it. These guys (you can see them in the picture just over my Left arm with all the kids on bikes) started yelling at me..DUDE you have less than 100 meters left get your ass running, cramp or not!! come on!! and the were right next to me yelling!! You could not see the finish line as there was a slight bend in the road. When I first stopped I looked back to see where Clyds was and he was 75 meters or so back but the piker started running when he saw me cramp. I started running and he passed me kind of in a sprint and so I kicked it to stay with him (picture of his arm, blk shirt). I then pulled right next to him and we could see the Finish about 50 meters out and I yelled "IT'S ON! So we both took off sprinting with everyone yelling! I got just a bit of ahead of him and then he pulled a bit ahead and I totally kicked it all out and got him right at the line, or so I think as the results will determine! But it was so cool! and then he says, Hey thanks that was great!! as we both could bearly breath!

Overall, it was a great race even if the swim was goofy. It tells me that I need more Swim practice if I expect to make CdA a descent showing. Bike was great as I felt good even in a high HR Zone and my run has come along ways as well. All that weekend training has been paying off and will need to continue to pay off as Canyon Lake is 4 weeks away!

At the end of the race I was able to meet up with PinkGuruGal and Jane and let me tell you, they are just the coolest gals and I am glad I know them and look forward to tracking there IM training for Austria over the next year!



CoachLiz said...

Wish that I could have been faster with the trigger finger and gotten you more pictures. Great race man! I had fun ringing the cowbells with Lauren and Geoff.

Bigun said...

great effort there, JT! Too bad about the garmin dropping. 24th means all those clydes came out of the water ahead of you...I know how that feels! Just keep swimming, dude!

Jane said...

It was great to see you there. That swim course was weird. I'm never going to get use to all the bashing and hitting. Actually me and Pink are doing IM Austria, but I'll take the good wishes anyway.

JohnnyTri said...

got it fix Jane..thanks..


Allez said...

You pull out the fangs on the bike too! Great job! :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

Allez's right. You are kicking some ass on that bikg leg my friend!!!

Andra Sue said...

Congrats! Awesome effort, awesome times. :)

blink140pnt6 said...

Nice pics and congrats on the race.

Jane said...

You can borrow my bike anytime, but you would like a monkey on it!

Duane said...

Congrats! I look forward to following your blog as we head towards CDA!

S. Baboo said...

Great Job! Your swim will come, you are determined.

Steven said...

Excellent job on the bike and great job overall! Keep it rolling!

Deb said...

What a great race report! Great job...keep it fun!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

dude... I can't believe you dropped the Garmin but still caught that guy! That's pretty cool. Those things are expensive, right? Totally worth it to go back for...

You had an awesome race :) Psyched for you!

Molly said...

great impressed overall!

take care

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

those sprint finishes always win the cheers of the crowds. Great job kickin his butt JT!

Meggan Ann said...

I love the race report. Sorry to take so long catching up with you! Your pix are great.