Friday, November 23, 2007

Hey, its Sin City...and new IMAZ race..

What can I say!! It is certainly no excuse for updating blog but lots and I mean lots has been happening in the JT realm. Once back from blogger tour across da country side it I have still been trying to recover from the damn sore throat, coughing and sickness thingy.. I think today it is finally working it's way outta here.

So Monday I had a follow up interview with this company for some computer design stuff and so I go in interview, again, with some other people and they tell me that they want to teach me some estimating stuff and also use some computer design stuff that I know. They basically say when can you start, Tomorrow? I say sure! So Tuesday it was first day of work and it was a mess but got through it and it was on to the next day where I was supposed to get all these things done which I had to clue what to do, so I did what I knew how and turns out it was not how the project manager wanted it so I had to redo part of it and add some stuff but he wanted done like in 30 mins and that was just not going to happen. So I did what I could and the rest will be done on Monday. So I landed a job and got thrown to da Wolves..!!! awesome, huh.

On other exciting stuff, I have been getting da Chateau de JohnnyTri ready for S. Baboo, GeekGirl and there friend all coming in town next weekend. I have been painting like crazy, buying supplies and trying to get it all done, Lots to do and little time before the crew gets here.

As for training. I have not done S-H-I-T! Mostly due to the cold and sore throat crap but good news, next week some training comes along and we get ready for the 13.1 next Saturday!
Seems last year at this time I had the same thing, some sort of cold BS and no training for 2 or 3 weeks before the run and I went out and had a great time, Just like I will do this year but only more so cuz da Crew will be in town!



Bigun said...

c.d.a - nothing else matters...repeat...

S. Baboo said...

Hey JT, get rid of that cold and don't worry too much bout da hizouse...we'll be fine.

A second IMAZ, I am so there BABY! Me and several other Outlaws will be joining in the fun. We even have an Outlaw living in Scottsdale, AZ now...MoMo!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

great job on scoring the job! Can't wait to hear of the Baboo Geek Girl exploits!!

Molly said...

Well...teach me to fall out of the loop...sounds like things have changed a lot in your world...look forward to catching up!

Take Care

momo said...

didja? didja sign up??

have fun this weekend!

ShirleyPerly said...

I know ... I wish that race would fill up quicker!