Sunday, November 04, 2007

training and some Kool Bloggerville stuff!

Today was a long run and a over shot of 1 mile making my planned 10 mile run a 11 mile run. My legs actually felt good till about 9 miles and then I started to feel a little tired but running the 11 was actually a good thing. I set my route for some down hill for the first 2.5 miles and then it was all uphill till about 6 miles and then back down hill for the last 5 which I thought would be a good thing but running some of the down hills proved to be harder than the uphill. But got it done and it's in the bank.

I have been talkn with Sweet Baboo as we were talkn` about the Santa Run coming up here in Vegas and he stated that he was thinking about coming out and then running the Vegas Marathon the next day (you know him, he a maniac!) so it was great to invite him and Geek Girl out to say at Motel de JohnnyTri.. so it looks like da Santa run has become the Blogosphere Santa Smack-down run (per S.Baboo)..Ha! and with that let's see if MoMo will come up, Mo? and who else wanna get in on da Smack-down?

Now with that being planned and S.baboo and Geek Girl headn to Sin City I had to confirm there reservation at Motel de JohnnyTri with the following:

Motel de JohnnyTri Reservation Confirmation

Confirmation Number: YouRAweSome07

Guest Name: Sweet Baboo and Geek Girl

Arrival Date: Friday, November 30, 2007

Departure Date: Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guarantee Type: Because your both are IM'ers!

Number of Adults: 2

Number of Rooms: 1

Room Description:


Note: Customer preferences and room types are forwarded to JohnnyTri with the reservation, but are not guaranteed until check-in. Alcohol consumption may be required during your stay either pre or post race festivities or just for the hell of it.

Rate Information:

Fri, Nov 30 $friendship/laughs and smack talkn to Bigun..USD

Sat, Dec 1 $More smack/talkin`/more laughs.. USD

Total $see above USD

*NOT including taxes of: pictures to be taken` at any time (subject to change)

Guarantee Policy:

Reservations made through the Motel de JohnnyTri must be held for late arrival by an accepted type of guarantee.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation is necessary, to avoid being totally made fun of on Blogspot, by not only JohnnyTri but any other blogger and every other way possible you must cancel and receive a cancel number prior to 6:00 PM Pacific on the arrival date. Cancel times and dates may vary by JohnnyTri especially on Special Events, Holidays and/or weekends. Contact the reserved Motel de JohnnyTri explaining your reason to wimp out, why you should not be made fun of, any x-rays showing broken bones will only be accepted as a doctors excuse, any other poor excuse you can come up with and why you cannot represent yourself in a Clydesdale manner.

To view or cancel your reservation online is simply not possible, so just be there!

If you have any further questions please see Cancellation Policy.

It will be a blast and looking forward to having fun at those two events. Also this week JT, is heading out to Clearwater, Flordia to meet up with the Bigun and Di and get a look the "superior" status this guy is claming, ha! And am looking forward to the World 70.3 Championship and the entire event.


ps. if you wish to make a reservation at Motel de JohnnTri please read the Cancellation Policy and contact directly and most important.. don't be skeard!!


S. Baboo said...

Oh yeah baby, the Santa Claus Smack-Down followed by Marathon Madness all in sin city hosted at the Chateau de Johnny Tri!

CoachLiz said...

How far out in advance can we make reservations?

Andra Sue said...

Cute! Good luck to you and all the other bloggers participating in the Santa Smackdown and Marathon. :)

And yes, I think S. Baboo is onto something..."Chateau" is much better than "Motel!"

Shelley said...

Where are you guys going to be in Clearwater??

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

can't wait!! we'll see you in a few days!!!

Bigun said...

Sweet Baboo's losing so much weight, he's going to have to run as one of Santa's Elves!

momo said...

i'm supposed to be in prescott running the 5k something or other up there, but this is sounding WAY more fun...

i wonder if i can talk big j into another vegas trip???? hm....