Friday, November 30, 2007

its BloggerVille n Sin City..

that's right peeps, ... Just in town today is none other than Sweet Baboo, Geekgirl and Miguelvis! Although the weather here in Vegas has been weird, it's Raining, all day! Can you believe that! The New Mexico Outlaws have invaded upon Sin City and de Chateau JohnnyTri.

I hooked up with the Outlaws at the Expo center and packet pickup for the Vegas run on Sunday. After some quick shopping and getting a new pair of Brooks Beasts at a great deal we let to get back to the Chateau, unpack and head off to dinner at P.F. Changs. It was a great meal but just a long wait but it is also Friday night.

After dinner I had to swing the parents house and pick up my Santa suit for the Santa Smack Down 5k tomorrow that Baboo has renamed and of course I had to introduce my parents to the Outlaws. It was a quick greeting and then off to stop at the local Wal-Greens for Baboo to get some secret running MOJO.. humm... Bigun`, I'm takn` careful notes here and watchin` with a keen eye as I think Baboo has some tricks up his sleeve for CdA`.. I'll be watchn`.

Now it was back to the Chateau to settle in, try on our Santa Suits, which was quite funny, (pics to come) and get ready for bed. It was a long day for the Outlaws and although this is Sin City, that never sleeps.. JT had to tuck them in for bed time.

So until the next up date..


PS.. I'm heading to Miami for about 2 weeks for work.. Can you believe that!! It should be fun, tiring I might think with some training thrown in there but stay tuned for that as well.


ShirleyPerly said...

Just heard from Bigun that you and a couple other bloggers will be at the Vegas Marathon. Rural Girl and I will also. Good luck and have fun!!

momo said...

oh, this sounds like so much fun! i'm so jealous!!

say hey to the outlaws for me!!

Lance Notstrong said...

I love the blogger meet ups :-)

Bigun said...

the only thing I have to worry about with Baboo for CdA is if the plumps up over the winter....