Friday, November 02, 2007

upcoming stuff..

So with the relocation comes new venues and new races to look forward to and train for. So here is a short list of what's on the horizon.

First up will be the Great Santa 5k Run. This happens in downtown Las Vegas and everyone that enters gets a full 5 piece Santa suit and you dress up and run, totally fun. My dad and I were going to do this last year when I was here but I was sick so we skipped it, this actually happens the day before the Las Vegas 1/2 and full marathon. But this year, we are totally in and hopefully will set a record!

Then the following day, as I said, will be the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon for me and dad. This year, im not sick.. so far.. knock knock on wood and am looking for a much better time!

Then as I prepare for the Big IM.. it looks like, with some help from MoMo, the Sedona Marathon will be going down in Feb so I look at running that crazy ass hill climbing marathon..

this weekend I have another friend in from H-twn for another friends wedding but it should not be that crazy.. I hope.. lol.. as I have to get a long run in .. it was supposed to be today but didn'!!


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S. Baboo said...

That Santa run is the coolest! I'm tempted to just come out there and run it. Of course I'd have to run the marathon the next day to justify the trip.