Monday, February 18, 2008

turn out da lights..

The parties over. Now that the birthday week is over the lights are out, booo.. Last week was a totally great week and I must thank you all for the bday wishes and for those that made it so special to me.

Now that the lights are out, the light is still on for the countdown for CdA..!! like 18 weeks, HFS!
I can't believe it. I still feel that I am way off on my training and wonder how things are going to come along in that amount of time but trusting yourself and your coach is the key.

I feel this week I am mostly over that damn nagging cold and so I should have a stellar week. Today was a kick in the ass from the coach with some functional training workout, damn, how the hell can your own body weight cause so much pain in these workouts! ha! Tonight I will be back in the pool after almost a week.

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Ryan said...

18 weeks out really means 16 training weeks. That means 5 recovery weeks, which leaves only 11 hard training weeks.

You better get out there and make every session count.

Good luck and Great Training!