Sunday, February 24, 2008

training and hills..

LOL, I love the bloggerville family of friends and all the comments on the last couple of posts with the pictures, you guys are awesome.

Now this week in training was first interrupted with Presidents day closing the pool and not realizing this I pulled into the parking lot which totally sucked! It was then the option of heading to the 24hr fitness pool by my house which I have pretty much swore off b/c it's not really clean and id almost rather swim in my bathtub than there! So I need to research and have a back up pool plan in case this happens again.

The rest of the week was pretty good getting some good bike trainer workouts and a couple of runs on the treadmill along with a couple of functional body workouts. I have feeling pretty good as we get closer to the LA Marathon and although my run mileage is way down I will just have to have the confidence in knowing that I put the training in and it will all come together.

On Friday night I went with Formulaic and Mrs. Form to the local social triathlon club meeting, Las Vegas Triathlon Club which is in a great transition and in the expansion mode. It was great to meet some great people and other tri-geeks in community.

Saturday morning I meet back up with Form/Mrs.Form on Saturday morning for a great ride out on one of the local tri events race course. It's actually the Rage course that is coming up in April and let me tell you, it was not an easy course. This course is also part of the Silverman course that S. Baboo can testify too. There are a lot hills, some steep some just long climbers. I stopped to take this picture of the 8% grade we were about to go down because that only means one thing when doing an out and back course, it's 8% coming back up! (Actually, I stopped b/c Formulaic really needed a break and was using this "bike crank problem" to stop and rest every few miles. He would jump off his bike and some how keep tightening the same screws over and over...humm.. finally I said let me tighten that up and see if it keeps loosing, HA!! Kidding.. He really did have bike difficulties and managed to crank out the 30 miles! Way to go FORM! and not get that shit fixed!!! cause mrs. Form and I aren't waiting on you next time, ha!)

Today, I am about to hit the trainer again for a long day of inside riding as the weather is sucking again although I probably could tough it out but I'll opt for the movie and trainer today.

I am ready to get this marathon over with and on to other stuff as I need to recover and keep plugging away. It's all good!!!



CoachLiz said...


Los Angeles this weekend!!! PR time!!!


Allez said...

I think I would rather go up an 8% than down. Brake check! I love that desolate scenery!

Molly said...

You need to come to TN and ride some REAL hills! :)

Take Care

Allez said...

You're tagged, JT!