Thursday, February 07, 2008


The week has been totally unproductive thanks to a cold. I felt it coming on after Saturdays 15 mile run. I was cold during that run as I had under dressed, forgot my gloves and my ear warmer but I actually didn't think it was that cold out when I left the house but as soon as I started running I got cold. Anyway, after getting home and resting up I felt something coming on late that night. Sunday I took off because I woke up feeling very tired, unmotivated and definetly did not feel like riding 3.5 hours on the trainer because it was raining and windy again!

Then Monday I come to work and this dipshit here is totally freakn` sick, coughing, fever! He has it all! I got pissed. Told his dumbass to go home because he was only going to make me and the other guy sick, well he tells me that he can't because it doesn't look good taking Monday off after a weekend, esp. Superbowl Weekend (GO GIANTS!) you have got to be freakn` kidding me so instead he stays here infecting everything. Again I did not train on Monday as I was feeling a scratchy throat by the end of the day, probably no thanks to DipShit!! Fukr`..

Tuesday the full head cold had set in and it's official, crap! I did manage to do a 30 minute easy spin on the bike but that's it.

Today I am feeling better. Taking Airborne, Wellness Formulas, Vit. C, Zinc, etc... everything I can get in MEGA-DOSAGE to knock this crap out. It's still there but better.

Bottom line I have not trainned all week and probably won't until Saturday when I head out for a run as the weather here is supposed to be in the mid-upper 60's. That will be a change.

On my last run I felt really good. My pace was on and I am feeling more confident for the upcoming LA Marathon (march 2nd) but anything can happen.

In other JT news. The H-twn group (Lauren, Liz, & Ryan) All 70.3 Switzerland peeps and myself got our airline tickets and hotel booked for the June event. How freakn` exciting is that. My credit cards haven't seen that much activity in a long.. wait.. Ever!.. ha, and now I gotta pay all that off in a hurry. Also coming up in event news is sealing the deal for the CdA house next month as the final payment is due.

Sorry to have been slow in updating the blog but now I am really beginning to see how work, life, and training effects blogging. I remember Wil talking about this last year during her journey to IM and she's right, something has to give and it's usually da blog. All is good though as I am not going anywhere, just slow to update.

Have a great weekend!!!



Molly said...

Feel better! I love Airborn...not sure if it is mental or not but it makes me feel much better!

Keep up the good work!

Take Care!

Allez said...

Take care of the cold!

Tea said...

I'm a fan of Zicam. Luv it!

I know what you mean about the blogging thing. I barely have time to train let alone blog.

hope you're getting better.

Taconite Boy said...

Ahhh the cold. Trimama, Tac and the Tribe just got over about a month of it.

Rest up!