Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Pat's Day and PUNKD' on Cd'A House!!!

So what's up with not wearing green anymore? There was only 3 people in my office of 14 wearing green today, oh well.

Training this past weekend was sub-par but I was out there. My swim last week was good, felt good, and just seemed to work overall for the 2500 I put in. The Brick on Saturday was blasted by a nice strong winds, a rear flat and becoming cold after changing the tire and ended up with 42 miles instead of the planned 55, humm. But then 2 miles on the treadmill for my transition. I guess I should have gone longer but being cold on bike in the wind really took it out of me. The rest of the day was spent recovering, eating and just down right taking it easy.

Sunday turned out to be a total suck ass day here for weather. It was super windy, more than Saturday, raining, 39* all which lead to me staying indoors, napping with Jenn and just plain not doing jack shit! HA! Maybe it was what I needed, although, work kind of tired me out the last 3 hours but I feel ready to get to the pool tonight for session.

So if you haven't read Biguns blog on the Cd'A house for Ironman, we got PUNKD'!! Seems the house we rented the owners went into foreclosure on it and so now we have NO Place to stay! All of us. Well kind of. Everyone split up and is basically on there own now, which totally sucks but what can you do. Luckily, I had reserved a room at the local Motel 6 for my parents and now will be crashing out there for the few days I am in Cd'A. What a mess. I will miss the fun of being with all the Bloggers in a house but I guess it all works out but still still totally sucks! I mean, if the owner was having problems enough for Foreclosure you think you would have known a long time ago and not waited till last week but again, at least they told us and refunded the deposit that Bigun had posted up for us, thank God.

OK, gotta run. Time is short these days..



S. Baboo said...

Yeah, that house thing sucks but good thing you had a fall back position.

Molly said...

The wind seems to be killing everyone these days! It is supposed to kick in here tonight.
Sorry to hear about the house!
Take Care

Lance Notstrong said...

People not wearing green? What is this world coming to? I say we organize a million "green man" march :-)

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