Monday, March 03, 2008

LA Marathon Recap..

Let's get right too it.

Time: 5:14 almost 5:15. Weather was warm and sunny and got sunburned! Hey I didn't know it was going to be that sunny to burn. No big deal though.

Overall race was great! I had a good run. Probably started off too slow but I took it easy and stayed reserved at the beginning as everyone was freakn' passing me on the down hills! It sucked but definitely proved to be vital later on as from mile 19 on I was passing a lot of people!

Nutrition and hydration was great. I had a good pre-race PBJ's made by Jenn, (super thank you!!) and totally hit the spot. From mile 5-13 I practiced running through the water stations like a pro, grabbing ever cup of water splashing it down, drinking and dumping it over me as it was warming up. It was really fun actually. Then after mile 14 I started slowing down and walking a little through them to get some rest time. The spectators were wonderful handing out all kinds of snacks and water which totally helped me out as the gels become blahh after a 15 miles and I needed some other food stuff.

By mile 18 I had a blister trying to rub through on my foot so I had to stop and tend to it. At mile 8 I had stop and use the bathroom and that was about a 8-10 min time gap!! Oh well. By mile 19 I was having some left upper thigh/groin tightness and kept having to stop and stretch it out. After mile 20 I really don't even remember the course as I went into the Zen Zone and just completely focused on running, holding back and keeping HR down. It was weird to really block everything out but that's how I got through those last 6 miles.

The last 1/2 mile really sucked as it was a nice incline to the finish! Come on people!! WTF? uphill at the finish! I was glad to be done and was feeling pretty good, just tired legs.

Today, the legs are sore and tired but overall I am just plain wiped out. Drove back from LA last night and got to bed around 1am, yikes.. and am working today! Can't wait to sleep tonight.

So now it's on to long bikes, swims and bricks in the countdown to Cd'A!!!


PS. Congrats to Formulaic for setting a new PR this weekend in his half marathon!! You sign up for the Silverman Half yet, Form?


Stef said...

Congrats, sounds like a great time!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

S. Baboo said...

Great job mang!

Yeah, wassup with those uphill finishes?! I've run into a few myself this year.

Formulaic said...

Way to finish the race.

You went from ready to burned out to burning up the race.

That's a major deposit in the bank!

TxTriSkatemom said...

very nice finish.

Hey -- I'm in Vegas next weekend for a conference. Email me and let me know if you're available for an early morning meetup and run on the Strip!!

Bill said...

Well done, JT!

Molly said...

Great Job!

Take Care

momo said...

wtg, jt! a nice finish and a nice way to jump start your im training!!

Lance Notstrong said...

Any finished marathon is a good marathon :-)