Monday, March 31, 2008

82 days..

that's the amount of time left I have to continue to feel like I am totally behind on this Ironman training and continuing to wonder if I am really 1 Step closer..

This weekend's training ride of 70 miles was once again rounded out at 62 due to miss calculation on my part. I must say this route was much hillier with a longer steady grind it out climbs. One of my climbs was actually about 6 miles long and just a steady uphill with some serious changes in some parts of the grade. All was OK and even better on the way back down as top speed of 49 mph kind of scared the crap out of me. It was like 45 mins to get up the hill and about 8 mins to get back down or something like that, I have not uploaded my Garmin info yet.

My runs this week were sub par although complete expect for my long run which just did not happen yesterday, no excuses, it just didn't get done! Damn it! and well let's not even talk about the swim last week.

So enough about what should have been in week 13 and Focus on this week and making it a good one!

Today, starts off as a Swim Time trial to see where I am these days, although it really shouldn't be that much different as I don't feel my swims have really come along that well, but who knows.
This week is actually a cut back week but overall that seems to mess with me a little mentally as I just don't seem I have been productive enough for a cut back week but I will follow what Coach says.

Next weekend is the RAGE race out here in Sin City and although I am not signed up I am somewhat sad that I will not being going out to the course to cheer anyone one as I will be deep in my training for that day. I a last ditch effort I should sign up and go get my ass kicked out there to really put the stamp on my ass for CdA. I do look to meet up with some fellow OutLaws that weekend though!

So enough about my whining and training.. Hope all is well with my blog family peeps. Thanks for hanging with me and sorry for not commenting as much as I used to.



momo said...

hey, jt. i think i'm coming down for rage on the 18th. driving in on friday and going home afterwards. come do the race! it'll be a good chance to practice transitions!

SWTrigal said...

I am in for Rage too! There are only about 100 people I heard doing the half. Why don't you do it? Transition practice-that's it!

S. Baboo said...

Some times you are on and sometimes you are off, you'll be ready when the time comes.

It would be cool if you did make the Rage half, it's a great training day but if you feel the need to get in some bigger miles that's cool. We'll still hook up.

Molly said...

Hang in there JT! Keep things in perspective, 62 miles is VERY impressive!
Take Care!

teacherwoman said...

Hang in there dude! I think you are doing awesome! I can't even imagine training for Ironman right now....

How did your swim time trial go?

Bigun said...

it's still early - do the Rage, dude - just don't taper for it, and get some good mileage in during the week. Show up to the race tired...make it a training day - a fun one!

Anonymous said...

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