Monday, December 08, 2008

Who is that..

Hi everyone. Yes, I am still alive.. in some aspects..

The other day I heard this voice...

JTVoice: Hey JT, are you ever going to train again? Cuz I feel like crap these days and somethings not right..

JT: What.. who is that? GOD? Forumalic.. is that you calling me.. Hello..????

JTV: No silly, it's me, I'm right here. Just look. See. Right here....

JT: Hey! I see you! Where did you come from? How are you? wait.. Why are you talking to me?

JTV: Listen JT, all that is not important right now. If you must know, I have been here the whole time. Watching, listening, seeing, sleeping, resting. Everything you do, I DO. or more lately Everything YOU DON'T DO, I DON'T Do. And I have been wondering when are things going to change because we're putting weight on here and it's only going to make you slower than you already are?

JT: HEY!! OK, well, I know I have been saying I am going to change things but humm.. well.. Yeah, Your Right! It's time.

JVT: So what's the plan? Any thoughts?

JT: Yeah, I am thinking that Ironman Cozumel is something we need to do. And in training for that I need to work on losing that extra weight and getting overall faster. Which means I need to start now! Let's start today! Let's do it. I remember when training was fun and I liked it, come to think of I miss it. It's time! I want to do it now and enjoy it then we can start working toward some shorter run events and 1/2 marathons and full marathons. So this is it, we Start today!! No matter what. Things are changing now.

JVT: Yes! I like the plan and I like that you are thinking straight again. You were beginning to worry me there. I mean I understand a short break but come on! not months! We can't and will not do that again, especially if we are going to do Ironman Cozumel. Besides, don't you remember that a certain someone is coming after your time and when he gets it you will have to redeem it in Cozumel. So we start today! I'll be watching and taking notes so no slacking

JT: Sounds great.



Formulaic said...


354 days left....

I'm coming for you!

Kona Shelley said...

Do you realize you have wwwaaayyy less than a year to train..come on get out there...:-))