Sunday, December 21, 2008

Running Zone

I remember yesterday as I was running, when I hit that certain stride, that certain HR and that certain rhythm, you all know what I'm talking about. When you're totally in the running zone and you feel as if you could run forever. When you don't even realize that you are running anymore and you are thinking about other things and enjoying just being outdoors. When I hit that zone I remembered that it takes work to get to that zone, that you have to work to get into that zone and when you reach it, it's self fulling.

I actually missed that part of training and it's good to have those feelings and memories come back. Not only that it was my first 8 mile run about 5 months! Let's see, I ran a 1/2 marathon back in August and that was without too much training coming off of Ironman in June but it was about 5-6 weeks so I was basically still lucky to hold my training base.

These days the running base is simply nill which means it's time to get it going again and things have been working well. Not only with my continuous running for a couple weeks now and my long run of 8 miles means that I can work on some longer week runs. Also in all this run training I am also back to the weights, core training and even other cross training using the elliptical trainer to burn come extra calories. I have put on a few extra pounds so that doesn't help my running speed but I know that will come back over continuous training so I'm not too worried about.

I am looking forward to this Christmas week and next weekend for a couple of extra days off from work.



MSau said...

Thanks for your support, JohnnyTri! I'll try to take it easy on the knee. I'm already tempted to say "to hell with it." But I shouldn't for obvious reasons. It's feeling much, much better, though. So it's naturally extremely tempting to wait only a week.

Be well,

Kona Shelley said...

I'm with ya..I haven't trained much either, but come January..LOOK OUT!! :-))
Happy Holidays!

Eric said...

I love that zone.....haven't seen it in awhile though.

Borsch said...

I've lost that zone...time to find it again.

Thanks for helping me remember!

Kathleen said...

I love being in the running zone too! Mine's gone right now too!

Formulaic said...

Running zone??

What's that?

I haven't seen that in a LONG time.

Just sluggish and hard.

Keep the feeling and hold on to it.

teacherwoman said...

Your description of that run hit home for me. I had that feeling the other day when I was on the treadmill (of all things). I wanted to keep going, but didn't have time as I had to head to work...

Happy Holidays!

CoachLiz said...

Merry Christmas JT!!!

Coachie is going to whip you into shape. I hope that you are prepared!