Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smooth South Paw.

The week is going good. Monday was a nice 3 mile run and although it seemed tough at first I just kept going. On Tuesday I was not sore any thing so I decided it I would run about 2 miles outside around the neighborhood and then head to the treadmill for some repeats.

It was weird at first running from outside to treadmill but I got used to it and was focusing on my times and working the machine. I ran 6 x 400's and was gassed by the 5th! Once finished I could feel my legs heavy and tired.

Today, I hit the weights and some elliptical trainer and after about an hour I was ready to be finished. Then I had this amazing idea to use this waxing product on my arms that I bought about 2 months ago.

I being with the left arm and everything is going good, super sticky of course and not so fun feeling when I have to rip the hair off myself (much better to pay to have this done as I ususally do but hey the kit was on sale for $5.) I quickly notice that I am going to run out of the rabid cloth they gave me in the kit and am left thinking Shit! But I am half way done with my left arm so I finish up and sure enough, No more Rabid cloths. I now have one nice smooth South Paw and Hairy right arm. Kind of funny really. Oh well, I will pick some more rabid cloths up tomorrow.

I have been attempting to wake up at 4am (i'm usually up by 4:45am) and head down to do some cardio but every time the alarm goes off at 4am I hit the snooze and dont wake up till 5:10am! then I am running late! Tonight I will set 2 alarms just in case b/c I want to head down and 20-30 mins on the elliptical again.



Formulaic said...

Being hairless on one arm just makes the other arm look all that more hairy!

Way to go Sasquatch!

You know if you didn't stay up so late partying and drinking it wouldn't be so hard to get up in the morning!

But then giving up the rock and roll lifestyle can be hard (or so I've heard)!

Jimmy "Formulaic" Hendrix

Duane said...

No more snooze alarm! You know they have these clocks that if you hit the snooze alarm, it jumps off whatever it's on and motors away from you!

Kathleen said...

You need to take a picture of the arm! :-) I've been the same way in the mornings, can't seem to make it out of bed in time to get a work out in.