Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010... its here!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope all the celebration didn't leave you to down and out on the couch with your head pounding or stomach upset, like someone I know. Desiree.

It was a great night hanging out with the Formulaic and family and ringing in the new year.

As in my last post and comments, Lindsay's caught my eye with the "how many hours you spent training in '09". So I had to look it up and here it is:

Swimming: 71,916 meters - 27 hours 12 mins.

Biking: 1,684 miles - 104 hours 46 mins.

Running: 845.5 miles - 173 hours 5 mins.

Okay, I guess that seems like a lot but for some reason it just doesn't seem as high I as I thought it would with all the stuff I did this year, humm.. maybe it's just me. Anyway, I am glad that I am relatively healthy and injury free. Yes, some overuse problems that must be managed but that comes with the territory of us having FUN!

So what's in store for 2010!

As you can see by the side bar, the Grid Iron has me down for PF Chang's Rock n Roll 26.2 Jan 17, which is 2 weeks away!! Yikes and I am using this as a training run build up, it's still 26.2 miles which is a long damn ways! Tomorrow will be a long run of 20 so we'll see how the legs come out then, 5 weeks post Ironman CZ.

Then March 6th will be Old Pueblo 50miler and again at this point in time it's hard to believe that I will make it there as my legs still don't seem to be on board with the plan but maybe they just needed 2010 to decided, ha!

After March I am still undecided what to do. I almost signed up for the Tahoe Rim 50 miler run yesterday, but at the last minute on the billing screen I canceled it. WHY? Doubt mostly. It's hard to sign up for something when you're not feeling it now. The race is in July, the week after Badwater, if Molly get's accepted again and although I would like to run more this year I also want to limit some of my travel expenses and fee's in recovering from Ironman trips. I did put my name in the lotto for the New York Marathon, which, they draw in March so I will have to see how that comes out and if I get picked that is my Big event for the year as far as travel and expense goes but only to be followed up by planning for Christmas 2010 in Hawaii!

For now these two races will have to do and along with beginning triathlon coaching for team in training starting in Feb till May for the Capital of Texas triathlon it will have to do. I will be patient this year and take some time to recover, get better technique and venture into mountaineering-climbing-treking as it seems something is calling me there these days. Actually, I have always wanted to do things like that but just never really thought about actually putting it in motion, so why not! My other major focus this first part of the year will be on my Chiropractic Sports business!!!

Okay, enough babbling..



Trishie said...

good luck at the mary ! (some advice: you may want to reconsider the white font on black background... it's hard on the eyes!)

lindsay said...

ummmm 305 hours is a freakin' lot! hello, you also worked fulltime in '09 right? i can't remember if there was still any schooling too but sheesh working is enough :)

thanks for figuring it out - amazing to see how much time you dedicated! i am certainly impressed.

Anonymous said...

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