Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running.. a little.

Well first run since PF Changs last Sunday was 15 miles out on a tough course, which is Red Rock Canyon and let me tell you, it was Great!!

It started out with all the Headlands running crew showing up to run together on a whim. That was the coolest part since we have not all been together since race day. We took pics again and the same SURF Pose we started with at Headlands.

Although it was cold, 29*, snow on the ground the sun came out and it was great day. We all ran together during the 15 miles and caught up on life since Headlands and what the 2010 race/run season is bringing up for each of us.

Overall, I felt great during the run and with an average pace of 12:15 I quickly realized that to go 50 I gotta slow down, plain and simple!!!! At the end my legs were a little tired but not spent like 26.2 left me and this was with no ice bath or stretch recovery.

So far this week I have hit the gym for some weight training and a quick mile run/warm up but tomorrow morning I will hit the road and look for a couple of hours.

Working at the new office, has just been great and things are picking up. Working on getting people to come try out the stretch therapy and actually getting some great feed back from the athletes!


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lindsay said...

glad your recovery from PFC is going well, and also that the new office is coming together nicely! hope you have a great weekend!