Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PF Changs Rock n' Roll Recap.

Heading down to Phoenix I had a little pain in my left calf, much the same as before Cozumel that only seemed to reduce with stretching and some help from Dr. Victor but I have not been able to get over and see him so I have been on a do it yourself type fix program, which means, I'm basically not that much better. Anyway, after checking out the Expo which is totally HUGE and tons of people!

It's actually bigger than the Houston and Las Vegas marathon expos! It was cool to see lots of things but as with most expo's once you seen one, you've seen them all. Once I got all my race check-in, number stuff we headed to our hotel, The Clarendon, which was actually one of the hotels listed by the travel people on the web site and it was actually a nice hotel. Great pool, bar area, and roof top location. The rooms were big and comfortable but there was a lack of sound dampening and noises could be heard in the hallway and the other rooms but luckily most of the peeps were runners so it was quite by 10pm.

The morning came and the Formualic Family was down for the race as well and Desiree drove Form and I to the drop off location at a bright and early 6:15am. Actually, the race didn't start till 7:40am so it wasn't actually that early, compared to other marathon times but anyway we were at the starting area and met up with TNT Coach Chuck and his peeps from Vegas. After the standard pot-o-can line and TCB it was off to stand in the corrals and wait for the gun to go off.

There was a lot of standing around time in the corrals and the gun clicked with Sen. John McCaine waving on the runners from overhead at the start line. We started running a 6 min/1min walk pace and all was going well. Mile 3.5 brought out the Formualic crew and Desiree as we tossed clothes, said our hellos and off we went again. By mile 13 things were pretty good, we had just ran a 2:27 half and although the legs were feeling a little tired and achy I was doing good. Formualic coming off his High I can do it 50 miler run the weekend before was surprisingly doing well too and we just kept moving on with 6/1's.

How quickly things change in a marathon! Somewhere around mile 15 I started to go down. I was taking nutrition, salts and water and all that stuff was working for me, but the legs were just starting to say NO MAS! and wanted to stop. I told Form that I was in my "Funk Zone" and I should be okay for a while but by mile 20 the legs had pretty much won the battle and now I had switched to 4/1's but that even seemed to be too much at times. My only relief was by this time the wheels finally fell off of Formualic and he was struggling too, some sick way this gave me motivation, mostly because he just ran 50 miles 7 days ago and here I was running 26.2 with my longest run of 20 two weeks ago so I knew if he could do it, I had to!

By mile 22 it was a matter of survival mode and the thoughts and concentration grew stronger to keep the legs running for 1 or 2 minutes at a time. The more we walked the longer it was going to take and the less I wanted to start running again. Mile 24 came and I remembered some of the roads from the Soma 70.3 triathlon that the bike course was one and then mile 25. The temperatures all day had been great but now the last 2 miles the sun decided to come out and heat things up. I knew with only 1.2 miles left I just had to find that zone and do it. I hit the last aid station and wet by hat down to cool my head, grabbed some beads they were handing out as we got closer to the finish line and started to see others with there finishers medal. A 1/2 mile left and making the way in and round the AZ Stadium area there was a lot of people and you could sense you are that close to the finish line hearing the announcer.

Finally, we made the last right hand turn and the finishing chute was there. Balloons, people and music!! We saw Desiree and Formulaic crew on the left and I waved, just looking to be done, but Form stopped and then that was my chance! I picked up the pace and made sure I finished before him!!! ha!!

I was really glad to be done. My quads were thrashed and my hip flexors were not feeling great at all. Surprisingly enough my calf's were feeling good but I could feel strain on my left Achilles tendon. Now I did wear my CEP Compression socks and I really do think they helped stabilize my calf's with less vibration and fatigue as I ran. They were totally comfortable, cool and I was happy with the performance of them, thanks Dave Scott and CEP!

The recovery was eat as much as I could and keep the legs moving as much as possible on the drive back to Vegas. Yes, we drove back, actually, I thank Desiree very much because she drove back and stopped a few times for me to get out and walk around and even catch a nap, thanks babe!

Monday my legs were feeling much better, sore of course but better than I expected them to feel. I got a massage last night and felt pretty good there too. Today, I hit the elliptical trainer for 30 mins and felt good, sore but not too much. I do feel my left calf again with the same issue I left to PHX with so I know it has not been resolved.

So here is my QUESTION or Thoughts. Overall, I am just not feeling recovered and my legs are taking the beating. I have second thoughts on the running OP 50 for a few reasons. 1) I don't want to deal with lingering muscle over use problems; 2) because of the muscle problems my lack of motivation to run is simply not there b/c I feel uncomfortable; 3) even with good muscles and recovery, I have about 6 weeks left of training and that just doesn't seem/feel like enough Quality time to train without inviting the muscle stuff back; 4) I am liking lifting weights and working on losing some extra pounds.

With all that I am a little lost on what I want to focus on.

Haha, good catch Mike,.. i did forget my time. it was 5:19.



Mike Russell said...

So what was your final time? Good report, just forgot one of the little details!

Only you can decide what will be best for you. Sometimes it is a good idea to take some time off so your body can heal. I have heard that a 50 miler is easier than a marathon because of the planned walking sessions. 6 weeks isn't that long to train from scratch, but you do have a great base built up.

I would do it man.

Josh said...

Congrats on the race, even if it was a sufferfest!

Agree with Mike that it's a tough call. I'm sure you hate to bail on a race. You have a great base and I'm sure you can do the 50, it's more a matter of whether or not you're motivated to train to get there. Give yourself a few days or a week or whatever and see how you feel. No need to rush into the decision.

S. Baboo said...

Great race at PF Changs!

Of course I'd like to see you at OP but your races shouldn't feel like an obligation.

Formulaic said...

JT feel bad about ditching a race??!! NO WAY! Not JT!

As long as I have known you, you have not felt obligated to do a race. You have always known what is right for you. If there is something wrong with a race or your body, you always do the right thing and bow out.

It is better to tackle a race because you WANT to not because you are forced too.

You've always known what to do and I think that you'll do what is right for you.

Besides, that just means more time to train for RAGE!

RBR said...

Ahhh, a good old fashioned sufferfest! How I know thee well! Still had what I would consider a BALZING marathon time in RBR land so kudos my friend!

I agree with everyone else, do what your heart and body tell you. This is a hobby and is supposed to be fun not work.

Damn Formulaic says I have something to prove at Rage and now I may have to come back to that sufferfest. Would love to see you again, but damn, those Gates to Hell.

RBR said...

erm... that should be "BLAZING." Not sure what a "BALZING" marathon time would be, but it does sound painful.

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