Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Coming along..

Training now in January has been coming along good.

Let's see: Last weekend I ran 20 miles with Formualic and for some reason I came up with this great route but somehow didn't really snap to the fact that there was a lot of climbing. I mean a lot. OKAY, I did see that there would be up and down stuff till mile 12 and then after that it was all back down hill on the profile! HINT!! RED FLAG!! HELLO JT!! That was the clue, all back down hill after mile 12.

It didn't lie either. Once we got past mile 12 it was mostly downhill grades, some pretty step, so nothing like blowing out the glues/hams it was now time to trash the Quads. Overall it was a good run, had great weather and we got it done. I got recovered quickly and although my knees were sore from a lot of the concrete sidewalk we had to run on I was feeling pretty good on Monday.

Tuesday I was in the gym for weights again, Monday was too and today, Wednesday, I managed to crank out 9 1/2 miles at a descent pace.

I have started to track all my nutrition, meaning everything that goes in my mouth is logged on daily tracker and I am quite impressed with it. It does take a little time to get used to it but I like how it breaks it all down and separates Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Sugars, Salt, Cholesterol, etc.. etc.. Since Cozumel and the holidays I have put on a few too many pounds weighing in at 213 and need to get back down to the low 200's so I'm working on it.



Mike Russell said...

Aren't you doing the St. George IM?

JohnnyTri said...

No St. G IM for me.. I was thinking about it last year but never signed up.

Formulaic said...

I remember how much you slimmed up for the first 50. It must have been all the good food you were eating. Everytime I talked to you it was salad or fruit!

S. Baboo said...

Ha, you are lite! I have gained 30 kajillion pounds!

Josh said...

great work with the running. i love those tougher-than-expected runs. you can't psyche yourself out before the run.

CoachLiz said...

213! Dude!!! What did you eat over the holidays? I only gained back 3 of the 5 pounds I lost at Cozumel. Put down the Rock Star and back away! LOL :0)