Sunday, November 07, 2010

Moving forward.. still.

Recovering after JJ100 has been pretty good for the most part. Over the last couple of weeks I ran a short 4 miler and felt good just 4 days after 100k. I then took another 4 days off and then I ran 7 miles on back to back days and still felt good. I wanted to go 7-10 but on the second day I had some GI discomfort and I cut the run short. This weekend I ran 14 on the road of which 7 was a nice long down hill grade and I could feel my quads taking the beating on the road. I was nice and tired by the time I finished so I knew that I had not fully recovered, I was also happy to run down the Las Vegas Strip from Mandala Bay to downtown which was pretty cool early in the morning and not only got to enjoy running on the strip but also some great stair running as many of the street crossings are walk bridges and instead of using the escalator I took the stairs.

Sunday, I went out and ran a double loop at White Rock trail in Red Rock which was great too because I forgot how tough going clockwise is compared to counter-clockwise and now I know I will be using this loop for some serious uphill work over the next 67 days!

And speaking of that!! HFS!! 67 Days and counting! Scares the crap out of me. I mean this is HURT100!!! JJ100k was a good stretch but now add in 38 more miles, lots more climbing, crappier technical trails and TONS O Humidity!! and pressure to finish this thing and you guessed it, scared!

I started a couple of CrossFit sessions last week as well and quickly found out how weak I really am but although it was nice to change up the routines I also quickly found out that too much CrossFit will tank my running as I am just not used to this type of conditioning. I will continue to incorporate CrossFit over the next 50 days.

Since running at JJ100, I used a Amphipod hand held bottle and really liked it so I decided to try there waist belt, so I bought:
the Profile-Lite 32oz, which is two 16 oz bottles and then added the Snap-Flask 10.5oz, I have two of them but so far only using one. This brings my water carrying to 42 oz and 24oz with the hand held which I will continue to use Succeed in during the run. I most likely will add the other 10.5 oz snap flask simply because I think at HURT I will be drinking 25oz + per hour and most likely taking two hours between stations. So far I really like the waist pack.

Coming up this week will be a 50k called the Coyote Springs 50k put on by Desert Sky Adventures, can't wait!

In triathlon news, Macca showed up at the Silverman 70.3 and cranked out an win in 4:22!! Nice Job!!


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