Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Part 2.. Santa Monica 50k.

First off here is the course profile from my Garmin. I was seriously pumped up to know I had made the 3:30pm cut off and even though I knew that the RD would have most likely let me start the last loop I wanted to be legit and stay on time. I quickly refueled my camelbak with water and my hand held and the aid station guy told me I still had plenty of time and to make sure I fueled up because I had a long hike to top. I was in and super fast and said, "nothing like cutting it close" to the guy directing me back up the trail. He said, "nothing like making it count and having fun!" Great words when I much needed it.

As I started back up the climb I even gave myself a fist pump for working to achieve the cut off. I knew I was last one through and I would most likely be DFL which really didn't bother me because I was still going to make the 8 hour 30 minute cut off time to complete this course. As I settled in to my power hike of 2.5 miles I would see others running down on there way to the finish line. At open point a guy passed me and then I heard him talking farther down the trail. I looked back to see and there was another girl coming up the trail below me but quite a ways back. I thought I was the last one but evidently I was not. I then recognized her as she was wearing some different clothing and was ahead of me and I must of passed her in the aid station, turns out I did because she was putting on warmer clothing and a hat so technically she was the last one still on Official time. I knew she was faster than me and would most likely chick me on the way down but really by this time I didn't care because I just wanted to make it.

As I neared the top and was greeted by a couple of other runners that I had passed and they passed me during the day they quickly told me I as less than 10 mins from the turn around which only hurt and motivated me more to get there as I knew it was all Down hill from there. I made the turn around and sure enough started running back down. I passed the girl and she was about 3-4 minutes behind me so I knew that if I didn't run she would catch me and by now, I didn't want to get passed. I ran pretty much all the way down and when I did stop to walk I could only think of her closing in on me so I would again. The two guys who I passed long ago on the Orange loop were on there way up and I said, "hey you guys made it!! awesome" The guy replied, "yea but just barely I think! and then after them I saw another girl and then Yolanda Holder who is just about to set the Guinness World Record for most marathons run in 365 days! and this was her 97.

About half way down there was a guy who I saw earlier running back up and turns out he was the boyfriend of the girl behind me. He ran up to her and I could hear them chatting and I knew she would be more motivated to catch me which only made me more motivated to run faster too. As I approached the bottom section and one last turn away I knew I was going to make it in and instead of easing up and continued to push till the line. I told myself no easing up just because you have 10 minutes till the cut off and I came running across the line in 8 hours 21 minutes! I was handed my finishers Coaster!!

I was so glad to have made the finish and Redemption came with a price of working and feeling that pinch of the cut off time. I enjoyed all the time out there and even when I started to doubt if I would make it I pushed harder to fight for the time line, Priceless for me in the confidence arena.

Overall thoughts: I needed to more in tune with my Hydration, as I was behind and at HURT this will not be acceptable. I like wearing my waist belt better than my camelbak. I need more food nutrition than just my drink calories, I did eat at the aid stations but simply was not enough. I got my ass kicked on those climbs and it was nice to feel the pain! I need more run time, or time on the legs as my current past weeks have been good runs, just not long enough. I need to post-pone CrossFit to ensure I complete my long runs and not be so wore out. My new Trabuco 13 shoes worked well and I now have 3 different types of shoes I am comfortable with for HURT.
I know I can do it!! Suffer and still come out alive!

Below are pictures that I copied from another run with a few of mine mixed in.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


Formulaic said...

Well worth the wait.

Good job out there and now you have some excellent lessons for HURT.

S. Baboo said...

Good report, way to fight to the finish that's exactly what's needed. I've run in that area and those are some tough hills!

Josh said...

great work out there John! Congrats on toughing it out to the finish! HURT here you come!

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