Friday, May 18, 2007


Yup that's my race number for Sunday's Silverlake Sprint Triathlon. What you all think of the light blue shirt? Different huh? There will be 29 in the Clydesdale division and there will be a total of 49 in our starting wave as it seems they grouped clyds and 50+ together. Hey, WTF? Are they trying to say that the Clyds are slow or move at the same pace as older athletes or the older age groups are slow enough for Clyds! :)
So this week has been pretty busy with the new job and getting the front office system down which I totally rocked today all by my self for about 3 1/2 hours in the busy morning. I passed my test of knowing how to run the 3 programs and front office stuff, sweet. Next week will be one on one training and fine tuning as June 1st is the new office go time!
Training this week has been light as I just really didn't want to push it and get sick or something for next weeks Cap Tex Tri. So Weds afternoon when it was like 90* I went for a 4 mile run, not too hard, just about medium pace but I did negative split the miles by about 5-10 seconds.
Today, went for a 900 meter open water swim out at Twin Lakes with the wet suit and then I took it off and swam about 250 meters. Felt pretty good so I know other than race jitters, I should be fine.
Yesterday I got my bike tuned up a little and moved my cycle computer back to the front bars to see what's going on as I had it near the seat on the top post for when I was on the stationary trainer, anyway, got the brakes adjusted and the gears are now in line as the chain was popping off at times when I shifted from lil front gear to big front brother gear.
Well it looks like Allez is in for a sprint this weekend too! So don't forget to hope on over there and check her race recap as well.
Tomorrow I have some yard work to do and just basically take it easy, probably do some easy spinning but other wise, eat good, no new foods, get to bed early and probably drink a beer or 2,3,4,5.. kiddin` that will be Sunday.
rockon and see ya for race recap on Sunday.


Myles said...

As a Clyde you better get used to being sent off with the last wave, it happens all the time when there are wave starts.

Now there is a race I am doing in Show Low, AZ on June 2nd, the Duce that race the Clydes and Athenas take off in the first wave with the pros! Yipee!

Hey, good luck this weekend! I'll be thinking about you as I am driving to my own race, which takes place this Sunday.

IM Able said...

What... you thinkin' you're a triathlete or somethin??

; )

Great shirt and have a wonderful time on the sprint. Booyah!

JohnnyTri said...

Hey looks like water temp dropped to 76* Saturday morning, so wet suits are on. Email said they would check temps Sun am to determine if wet suits will be eligible for prizes per USAT.

Probably do it to practice in/out of suit as Cap Tex there are no wet suit strippers.


Allez said...

Thanks for the mention :-) I like the race shirt! I wish I had one that color!