Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is it work or work?

Hey guys! Just popping in to give a quick update. First off, I have been coming to the new office of the sports doc, Spine and Sports Therapy and have been under training (more) and getting things down, which, is great because the official start date is getting closer!
Second, my training has been going as planned and even swam a 400 yard non-stop set in the pool yesterday in just about 10 mins, (ok, I know turtle speed) but got it done and that will kind of tell me what my expected exit from the Silverlake tri will be.
Third, Yesterday was a glorious day! I PR'd a 4 mile run at 43:30! totally great for me, yes, heart rate was a little high, my I was even able to walk just a few times to bring it down and stay within my Zone 3. Awesome!!!!
Fourth, umm... not sure! haha..
as for the work or work, I mean, I am at work (office) all this week but not getting compensated with dead presidents, only in valuable learning procedures and tactics which will prove to be more valuable later down the road, which, is only really like 2-4 weeks.!!!
ps. I will soon be posting some pictures of my new sports chiro family!! haha.. and the crazy things we do..


SkiRough said...

Your new office looks great... glad you like it. Must be cool for you to work in a sports-centric environment. The only sport my office focuses on is betting on the ponies at Meadowlands :)

momo said...

great job on the workouts this week, johnnyt!

sounds like you're enjoying your new digs, too, and that's great. congrats!

jahowie said...

Nice work on the run!!

Andra Sue said...

All good things! Nice to see everything coming together for you. :)

Sarah said...

Life sounds good! Still undecided about Silverlake, but we'll see...

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

How exciting!! You'll be surrounded by like minded people in an environment that generates positive attitude!! Your PR's are going to start getting better and better all that much faster! Great for You!!!

Molly said...

Sounds like everything is going great! Can't wait to meet the "fam"!
Take Care