Sunday, May 06, 2007


Hey there all. As you can see I have not been as posty as I used, now due to the training at the office and trying to fit workout in the late afternoon, It's almost like I have a job but just don't get paid! haha, for now that is. That's right, for now. As you many of you may have read from previous posts I will be starting on May 15th, like next Monday! This past week I was under a lot of hands of stuff which is a great way to learn and then I would come home and get my family members to be my victims, I mean, let me help them feel better, haha.
Training this week has been as I have got a 20 mile stationary bike ride with big gear work done on Weds, Thursday headed to Twin Lakes for the open water swim and I was so in the ZONE! I was able to swim almost all the way around before I had to stop b/c I thought I swallowed a tadpole or something and couldn't clear my throat, but it was a quick regroup stop and I was back on my way to finish about 175 meters. Then I took of the wet suit and swam about 200 meters and was feeling great, would have gone further but some heavy rain clouds were rolling in so called it day. This totally shows me that the Silverlake Tri 400 meter swim is doable for me, whew...
Friday was a rest day and a long work day and Saturday was long run day instead of long bike day. I got a 6 mile run, if you call that long, in the middle of the afternoon and it was Hot/Humid! total Yuk, but was able to use some Accelerade and see how it worked with my stomach, no problems.
Today, is a bike ride of about 30 miles and of course, it's supposed to be freakn` WINDY! WTF! 20+, that totally sux's. Oh, well.
In case your wondering why I switched the bike and run it's b/c Saturday morning was the CBI Triathlon in The Woodlands and I went up to watch sports doc JD do his thing. He did great and it's a pretty nice venue, will have to look at doing this sprint next year. I got back home about 11am but had some honey-do's to do so then I was out running in the afternoon.
The week ahead looks to be the same, busy. I have a lot of other training stuff with work to get in this week and of course my Silverlake sprint is 2 weeks away but Cap Tex Olympic is 3 weeks away!!


PS... updated what I think will be my training schedule for the next 3 weeks. Kinda pain n da azz to put it together and with my focus on Capital Tex Tri and Silverlake in there to have fun and practice transition etc..

If you have any recommendations please let me know on the training plans over the next 3 weeks.


SkiRough said...

What, you call that busy?! slacker ;)

Damn. Way to keep at it, dude. Personally, I like it when it's hot/humid for training, the same with windy... because then I can say to myself, "well, at least if it's hot, humid, or windy on race day, I'll have gotten through this so I will know I can do it."

You must be excited about starting the new job :)

Allez said...

I hate wind and humidity. Makes for some tough training! But skirough is right, it makes you even tougher and able to deal with any condition at a race!

JohnnyTri said...

I agree wit both of yas.. it sucks while your out there but makes you better if that presents on race day.

Got 23 miles in today, with 18mph winds. I was doing a strong 12-13mph on my out with a HR150+ and an Awesome 22mph with HR130 on the way back in!!!!!


Molly said...

keep it up...I mean rockon'... you're doing great! Can't wait to hear how the new job is going!

Deb said...

Happy aniversary Johnny Tri Man!